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StarragHeckert is a pioneer in 4 and 5 axis milling technology for the manufacture of complex components such as cylinder crank housing, gearbox housings, cylinder heads, impellers, blisks, aircraft structures and blades.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Starrag Relocates Parts Warehouse for Faster Shipping
The relocation puts the spare parts warehouse closer not only to the nearby international airport but also to Starrag’s special tooling warehouse for combined shipments.

Developing a Five-Axis Solution for Machining Superalloy Aerospace Parts
Growing involvement in producing multi-blade aerospace parts made of superalloys presented Pietro Rosa with some machining challenges. Starrag’s LX 021 five-axis VMC helped the shop achieve tight tolerances and integrated production.

Multitasking Machining Center Cuts Process Steps as Well as Metal
Consistent queue delays between the lathe and the drilling machine led Koso KentIntrol to purchase a multitasking machine from Starrag that was capable of doing both. 

Starrag Group Selects Udo Herbes as New Managing Director
Mr. Herbes has 36 years of experience in the machine industry at companies like Gildemeister, Mikron and Hurco in Asia and Germany.

Starrag Turbine Technology Days STC1250

Starrag Tech Days Highlight Turbine Technology Applications
A visit to Starrag headquarters in Roschacherberg, Switzerland during the company's 2018 technology days revealed new equipment, tools, technologies and machining strategies for turbine manufacturing. 

attendees at SW North America’s open house

Manufacturing News of Note: December 2017
SW North America opens a new facility to strengthen its automotive presence, Walter and Starrag focus on aviation and power turbines, and other manufacturing news.

Turbine Days show

Walter, Starrag Host Fifth Annual Turbine Technology Days
The companies claim that the aviation industry’s boom and the power generation industry’s increasing need for gas turbines comprise the turbine manufacturing industry’s call to action.

machining blisks

Optimized Milling Strategy for Five-Axis Titanium Blisk Machining
A new finishing strategy using specially designed barrel cutters is said to reduce five-axis titanium blisk machining times by 50 percent.

Video: What the Heck Is “Dengeling?”
Turns out it is a process that enables a five-axis machine to finish turbine blades after milling. Watch the video.

Video of Interesting Turbine Blade Workholding System
This clamping system is an automated steady rest with measuring capability that stabilizes the five-axis machining process of very long turbine blades.

starrag dengeling blade blisk

Applying “Dengeling” to Finish Turbine Blades
This alternative to grinding, polishing and shot peening enables turbine blades to be machined and finished on one five-axis machine in one setup.

Video: Applying “Dengeln” for Finishing Turbine Blades
This alternative to grinding, polishing and shot peening enables turbine blades to be machined and polished in one setup.

Starrag Heckert HEC 800 X5 MT

Five-Axis Machine Offers High Dynamics for Complex Workpieces
The Heckert HEC 800 X5 MT five-axis machining center, available from Starrag, provides productivity, process reliability and precise cutting in a single clamping.

Starrag Dorries Scharmann Technology Ecospeed

Machines Offer Parallel Kinematics for Aluminum Components
Dörries Scharmann Technology (DST), a subsidiary of Starrag Group, extends its Ecospeed range of parallel kinematics machines for productive machining of aluminum structural components in the aerospace industry.

Starrag Heckert DBF 630

HMC Delivers Turning, Drilling, Milling with Single Clamping
The Heckert DBF 630 HMC, available from Starrag, enables turning, drilling and milling of non-rotational, asymmetrical parts in a single clamping with one toolholder.

Cryogenic Tool Cooling Improves Hard Metal Milling
Developed in conjunction with tools from Walter AG, Starrag now offers a cryogenic CO2 cooling system for its machine tools, capable of increasing productivity with high-strength materials such as high-alloy steels by as much as 70 percent, according to the company.

Starrag Bumotec SA S-191 Linear

Machining Centers Offer High Repeat Accuracy
Available from Starrag, Bumotec SA’s S-191 Linear series of CNC turning/milling centers uses linear motors to ensure maximum precision and reliable repeat accuracy when processing gold, silver or platinum for producing parts such as watch components, medical implants and instruments.

Starrag Group Heckert HEC 800 X5 MT machining center

Machining Center Features Rapid-Rotation Table for Turning
Available from the Starrag Group, the five-axis Heckert HEC 800 X5 MT machining center features a rapid-rotation table for turning.

Road Report: Wish You Were Here
Our editors travel the world searching out the latest manufacturing technology. Read what Chris Koepfer, editor-in-chief of Production Machining, is learning about in Switzerland.

StarragHeckert BTP 5000

One Way to Machine Long Titanium Parts
This horizontal machining center design not only addresses the need for larger machining capacity for long aerospace components, but it also offers impressive material removal rates for tough titanium alloys.


Last Glance at IMTS 2010
It would be impossible to cover all of the key exhibitors at IMTS 2010—even if every booth got merely a quick glance. However, the editors of MMS did get glimpses of some interesting technologies exhibited at the show...

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Trade Names

BHC 3500/4500/5500
BTP 5000/2 / BTP 6000/1
Contumat VC
Contumat VCE
Contumat VC-V
DBF 630/800/1000/1250
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Droop + Rein
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Ecospeed F HT
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HEC 500 / HEC 630 / HEC 800
HEC 500 D XXL / Dynamic
HEC 500 MT/ HEC 630 MT/HEC 800 MT
HEC 500 X5/HEC 630 X5/HEC 800 X5
HEC 500D U5MT, HEC 630D U5MT,
HX 351
LX 051/LX 151/ LX 251/LX 351/LX 451
S-191 / S-191V
SIP 5000 Jig Grinding Center
SIP 5000-6 / 5000-7
SIP 5000-6 5A, SIP 5000-7 5A
SIP 7000-7 4A / SIP 7000-7 5A
SPC 7120
SPC 7120/7120 5A/7140/7140 5A
SPC 7140
STC 800 / 1000 / 1250 / 1600 / 1800
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