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Parts Cleaning Conference Webinar Series Begins Oct. 7

The 2020 Parts Cleaning Conference educates the industry with a webinar series, offering five presentations from leading manufacturing cleaning companies. Find out how to register.

Sugino's Cavitation Waterjet Process Offers Shot Peening Alternative

Matt Danford Modern Machine Shop

IMTS Spark: Sugino debuts its new cavitation watejet peening technology.

Part Washing, Deburring Systems Save on Water, Waste Costs

Jedd Cole Modern Machine Shop

Sugino introduces its Zippel brand of industrial part washing and deburring systems.

March 2014 Product Spotlight: Machining Centers

This slideshow features the machining centers we cover in the Modern Equipment Review Spotlight section in our March issue.

Sugino Corporation

1380 Hamilton Parkway
Itasca, IL 60143 US

Trade Names offered by Sugino Corporation

  • Cats-Eye Diamond Superoll
  • Cleanriser
  • Electric Selfeeders
  • GunFeeder
  • H-11 Self-Center
  • H-15B-5AX Self-Center
  • H-7 Self-Center
  • H-8 Self-Center
  • H-9 Self-Center
  • Jet-Clean Center
  • Jet-O-Mation
  • MS3P-Dual Servo
  • Multi-Heads
  • Pneumatic Selfeeders
  • Servo Tappers
  • SSM Mechatric Servo Selfeeders
  • SSV Varimec Servo Selfeeders
  • Superoll
  • Syncro tappers
  • Syncro-Tappers
  • Tube Expanders
  • U-Jet
  • V-11 Self-Center
  • V-11 Twin Self-Center
  • V-7 Self-Center
  • V-8 Self-Center
  • V-9 Self-Center
  • Xion-III 5AX
  • Zippel Brand Washing and Deburring