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For over 35 years, we've made it our mission to design and produce exceptionally innovative and advanced cutting tool solutions.


Sumitomo Electric Carbide is a world leader in the research, development and production of tools for metal cutting industries.


MILLING SYSTEMS  - Solid carbide end mills are ideal for machining most steels and hard-to-cut materials such as Inconel® stainless steels, titanium alloys and tool and die steels.


PCBN and PCD GRADES  - Through advanced metallurgy research, Sumitomo provides a wide variety of polycrystalline cubic boron nitrides (PCBN) and polycrystalline diamonds (PCD) that contribute to the advancement of technology and cutting tool performance.

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Why Binderless CBN Inserts Turn Titanium Faster

Why Binderless CBN Inserts Turn Titanium Faster
A new formulation of cubic boron nitride could provide a more solid alternative to cemented carbide as finish-machining becomes more demanding. 

Sumitomo Offers Expansive, Consumer-Friendly Catalog

Sumitomo Offers Expansive, Consumer-Friendly Catalog
Sumitomo’s new 21-22 General Catalog includes customer-oriented information on the company’s largest batch of new products since it opened a USA branch in 1979.

Sumitomo Joins OMIC R&D

Sumitomo Joins OMIC R&D
Sumitomo Electric Carbide becomes OMIC’s 30th member. 

Sumitomo Electric Carbide AC5000S

Cutting Tools Developed to Machine Heat-Resistant Alloys
Eastec 2019: The AC5000S series of cutting tools, developed by Sumitomo, is designed to aid turning for exotic alloys.

Sumitomo will display its AC4010K and AC4015K turning grades at IMTS 2018.

Turning Grades for Cast Iron Feature Peeling Resistance
IMTS 2018: Sumitomo Electric Carbide Inc.’s AC4010K and AC4015K series of cast iron turning grades are designed to improve resistance to peeling and wear.

Makino D200Z five-axis machine

Machining Technology Spotted at Amerimold 2018
Amerimold presents a range of mold production equipment, strategies and best practices. Here is some of the mold machining technology displayed at this year’s event, ranging from automation to CAD/CAM.

Sumitomo AC8000P steel-turning grades

Turning Grades Reduce Tooling Costs in Steel Applications
Sumitomo Electric Carbide has released the AC8000P series of grades for steel turning.

Sumitomo Turning Grades

High-Adhesion Turning Grades Improve Peeling Resistance
Sumitomo Electric Carbide is releasing the AC4010K and AC4015K turning grades for cast iron designed to promote longer, stable tool life.

hard turning a workpiece

Establishing an Effective Hard-Turning Process
In devising its hard-turning strategy, this die/mold shop has been able to speed the production of its new deep-draw round tooling offerings by turning them instead of grinding them after heat treating.

Sumitomo Electric Carbide TSX

Tangential Milling Cutter Enables Increased Depths of Cut
Sumitomo Electric Carbide’s TSX-series tangential milling cutter is designed for stable, efficient shoulder milling at high feed rates.

Sumitomo Electric Carbide SMD

Replaceable Drill Head Supports Deep Hole Making at Lower Cost
Sumitomo Electric Carbide expands its SMD replaceable drill head line to include 12×D drills.

Sumitomo DFC

Double-Sided Milling Cutter Achieves Long-Term Accuracy, High Efficiency
Sumitomo Electric Carbide’s DFC double-sided 90-degree milling cutter features a six-edge insert designed to ensure long-term, stable cutting and high-efficiency machining with high feed rates.

Sumitomo MESI chipbreaker

Chipbreaker Designed for Swiss Turning
Sumitomo Electric Carbide offers its MESI Chipbreaker for Swiss turning and small-parts machining, including medical applications.

Sumitomo 45-degree DGC cutter

Milling Line Features General-Purpose Face Mill
The 45-degree DGC cutter from Sumitomo Electric Carbide is a general-purpose face mill that accepts double-sided square and octagon inserts.

Sumitomo Electric Carbide WDX drills

Sumitomo Electric Carbide Drill Series Offers Large Diameters
Sumitomo Electric Carbide’s WDX series drills are available in diameters ranging from 0.5625" to 2.625" in 2×D, 3×D and 4×D body lengths.

Sumitomo Electric Carbide WFX cutters

90-Degree Lead Angle Optimizes Shoulder Milling
Sumitomo Electric Carbide’s WFX cutter series features a 90-degree lead angle to optimize shoulder milling.

Insert Grade Coating Improves Tool Life
Sumitomo Electric Carbide’s AC420K insert is a CVD-coated carbide grade that features layers of TiCN and Al2O3 for wear, chipping and heat resistance.

Milling Cutter for Roughing, Finishing Cast Iron
Sumitomo Electric Carbide says its SumiMill Goalmill milling cutter accurately finishes cast iron.

New Generation Of Steel Turning Grades
Sumitomo’s next generation of P20 and P30 coated carbide turning grades include the AC820P, which is designed for general-purpose turning of steels and stainless steels and the AC830P, which is designed for interrupted cuts and roughing. The Super FF coating provides wear and breakage resistance while increasing tool life.


Coating For Dry Machining Of Al Alloys
Engineers from Sumitomo Electric Industries have developed a diamond-like carbon coating (DLC) for the dry machining of aluminum alloys and nonferrous applications. Previously, in the first stages of harsh-environment cutting, coatings would peel and lose their beneficial properties.

Custom step drill

See The Tool's Value Instead Of Its Cost
This company is embracing high-performance tooling on its turning centers. The "sticker shock" is no reason not to do this. In one case, though, the shop found a way to limit the cost of the tool and increase productivity at the same time.

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