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SurfCAM, NCSIMUL Integration Improves Efficiency

SurfCAM, NCSIMUL Integration Improves Efficiency
SurfCAM 2021 includes integration with NCSIMUL manufacturing simulation software to connect the virtual and real for greater flexibility and productivity.

Case Study: In-House Gear Production Leads to Improved Quality, Speed

Case Study: In-House Gear Production Leads to Improved Quality, Speed
Advanced Design Technologies LLC’s subcontracted work led to quality issues, among other problems. Vero Software’s Surfcam 2017 R1 increased overall efficiency and quality.

Nitrochondriac racing boat

Manufacturing Speed for Drag Boats
Advanced Design Technologies LLC's subcontracted work led to quality issues among other problems. Vero Software's Surfcam 2017 R1 increased overall efficiency and quality.

incisionless surgery

CAM Helps Medical Component Manufacturer Turn Ideas into Reality
With the new version of Surfcam by Vero Software, USGI Medical manufactures precision medical devices and reduces cycle time and improves machinery usage. Watch a video interview with USGI’s Marko Caric at the bottom of this story to learn how he uses Surfcam to turn his ideas into reality.

Intriguing Concepts moldmaking shop

CAM Software Provides Competitive Edge in Bringing Ideas to Life
Intriguing Concepts LLC, a mold prototyping and production shop, uses Surfcam CAM software to achieve better surface finishes and production times.

Vero Acquires Surfcam
Vero Software (Wixom, Michigan) has acquired Surfcam assets from Surfware Inc. (Camarillo, California). The Surfcam CAD/CAM system is designed for 2D and 3D modeling and features easy-to-use CNC programming for two-, three-, four- and five-axis machining.

 constant-engagement-angle cutting in action

The Promise of "High Cube" Machining
Tool paths and a new tool design provide an alternative to high speed machining for achieving high metal removal rates in hard metals on lighter-duty machines.

Video: Milling Inconel 718 Efficiently Without a Heavy Machine
This video of machining Inconel at a fast metal removal rate shows the effect of constant-engagement-angle milling.

Video: Milling Titanium 6-4 Efficiently Without a Heavy Machine
This video of machining titanium at a fast metal removal rate shows the effect of constant-engagement-angle milling.


CAM Toolpath Strategies Push Limits Of Aged VMC
This shop was ready to capitalize on a heavy machine gun sight mount that could save lives in Afghanistan and Iraq, but its older VMC had difficulty producing enough models to bring the prototype to production. Tool paths generated by CAM developer Surfcam’s TrueMill technology enabled the light-duty machine to efficiently hog through the quantities of steel required to make the mounts and win large defense contracts.

Optical comparator

Optical Measurement Keeps Pointe Precision Sharp
With increasing demand for strict tolerances, this manufacturer of medical and aerospace components needed a measurement system to ensure that critical part dimensions and features met customer specifications. Starrett's HD400 optical measuring system both met accuracy requirements and reduced inspection times.

Equipped with a live spindle

Fabricator Produces Parts Complete With VTC
Meeting customer demand for both quality components and consistent, on-time delivery is essential for any shop’s competitiveness. However, having to subcontract work that can’t be done in-house can add weeks or months to delivery times and compromise quality standards.

Programmer Eric Reitan

Unattended Machining Makes Oral Orthotics More Affordable
This shop makes the oral devices that helped the shop owner and members of his family. Unattended machining is the key to making this therapy more accessible.

Angle of engagement

Steering Clear Of Corner Concerns
Tool paths based on constant stepovers often get an end mill into trouble when it heads into a corner. Using the tool's angle of engagement as the constant avoids this difficulty.

Truemill tool path

Facilitating Fast, Barely Audible Cutting
While attending a recent trade show, Bruce Thomas, production manager at the Chatsworth, California-based Rotating Precision Mechanisms Inc. (RPM), stopped in the CAM vendors' section. He didn't expect to find anything new, certainly nothing that would speak to his affinity for 2-1/2-axis milling.

The plant can now create probing moves

When Probing Is Pivotal
Software for using the probe at angles expands the productive capabilities of this plant’s five-axis machine.

The pattern

Step Reduction Milling Reduces Roughing Cycle Time
Programming rough machining operations for efficient removal of large volumes of material is crucial when preparing a mold, pattern or other workpiece for finish machining. However, the strategies for traditional roughing operations, which are mainly based on rest roughing, require that each tool be programmed separately.

Harken Yacht Equipment

Yacht Equipment Manufacturer Is Racing Towards The Future
How has this manufacturer managed to fill a 200-page catalog full of high quality, innovative products that are used all around the world? By drawing on the sailing expertise of its employees and also by introducing the very latest technologies into its operations, including a CAD/CAM program.


You Can Automate More Than You Think
This shop expedites 3D milling work by reducing its dependence on employees for all of the information-related tasks that occur before the machining center can start to cut.

SurfCAM software

Software Helps Niche Manufacturing Job Shop Tackle Complex 3D Machining Jobs
This nine-person firm founded in the early 1950s, has found a niche machining molds and other complex 3D parts for a long list of blue chip clients.

Feed rate optimization

Getting To Know Knowledge-Based Machining
The term refers to different levels of automation that CAM software developers are building into their NC programming software.

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