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Video: Height Differences Prove No Match for Dot-Peen Stylus
High amplitude limits the need for accessories or adjustments while helping to close the gap between pneumatic and electromagnetic systems.

dot-peen stylus

Contour-Following Stylus Speeds Dot-Peen Marking
Capability to mark surfaces at widely varying heights and difficult-to-reach areas makes pneumatic systems more competitive by reducing the need for special fixtures and other accessories.

Touch(screen) and Go
Propen’s handheld marking system is designed as an all-in-one mobile solution for permanently marking workpieces.

Gravotech Technifor XF530 micro-percussion machine

Micro-Percussion Machine for Marking Heavy Equipment
The Technifor XF530 micro-percussion machine available from Gravotech is designed to meet the identification and traceability requirements of heavy equipment manufacturing.

 Technifor LaserTop laser marking enclosure

Laser Marking Enclosure Fits Standard Workbench
Technifor’s LaserTop enclosure features a streamlined metallic CDRH Class 1 workstation measuring 25" × 23.5" × 30.5" that fits on a standard workbench or table.

Technifor Opens California Office
Permanent marking system supplier Technifor (Charlotte, North Carolina) has opened a sales and support office in Santa Fe Springs, California.

Entry-Level Laser Marking
The TF410 fiber laser marking solution from Technifor is an entry-level version for medium- and large-run applications for automotive, medical, electrical and mechanical components applications.

Portable Marking Machine Offers Versatile Operation
 Technifor says its XF520Cp portable marking machine provides quality marking at speeds ranging to 10 characters per second.

Engraving, Marking And CAD/CAM Brands Merge
In response to globalization and emerging economies, Gravograph, Vision numeric and Technifor have joined under a new corporate identity, GravoTech (Duluth, Georgia). GravoTech will draw on the resources of all three brands to further establish its position in the engraving, permanent marking and 3D dimensional design industries.

Compact Fiber Laser Marking Unit
The compact TF420 fiber laser marking unit is said to provide high-contrast 2D data matrix codes, logos, bar codes and human-readable text at high speeds. Considered a universal marking solution, the unit is capable of printing on difficult materials, such as cast aluminum and carbide, while maintaining the precision to mark consumer products such as cellular telephones and medical devices. The compact marking head is completely sealed and enclosed in a protective cast aluminum case allowing the system to be mounted in virtually any orientation.

Stand-Alone Marking Machine For Fast Parts Identification
The Tecnifor XF500 stand-alone marking machine is said to be easy to use for marking virtually all types of materials and shapes ranging to a hardness of 62 HRC. The machine features an integrated control unit, which operates without a computer interface.  Designed to be hand loaded, the machine requires no installation or on-site training.

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