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Company Profile

Since its inception in the 1930's when it was Japan's first company to develop a cemented carbide, Tungaloy has a long history of excellence in the development of materials for metal cutting tools and innovative industrial products.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Tungaloy Expands DoTwistBall Series with New Shell Mill Diameters
DoTwistBall is designed to provide reliability during complex 3D milling processes.

NOV Tungaloy Interrupted Turning

Interrupted Turning Operation Cuts Cost With 10-Sided Insert
Using a robust 10-sided insert from Tungaloy, this oil-industry remanufacturer was able to reduce the number of inserts used in interrupted turning operations.

Tungaloy Expands Square Shoulder Mill Series with Six-Edge Insert
Tungaloy has expanded its DoForce-Tri line of square shoulder milling cutters to include a size-07 insert with six cutting edges for precision milling and insert economy.

Tungaloy's TungModular System.

Tungaloy Expands TungModular Grooving Tool System
Tungaloy’s TungModular grooving and parting tool system includes through-coolant channels and exchangeable modular blades that enable a range of tool combinations.

Tungaloy’s CeramicSpeedMill.

Tungaloy’s CeramicSpeedMill Improves Productivity When Machining HRSAs
CeramicSpeedMill, from Tungaloy, is used for milling heat-resistant superalloys (HRSAs) at elevated feeds and speeds.

Tungaloy's BallRoughNose.

Tungaloy’s BallRoughNose Provides Reliability for Roughing, Semi-Finishing
Tungaloy’s BallRoughNose is designed to provide maximum tool reliability during roughing and semi-finishing processes.

Tungaloy’s BXA20 inserts. 

Tungaloy's BXA20 T-CBN Inserts Resist Fracturing and Wear
Tungaloy has added 22 shapes and geometries to its BXA20 line of coated T-CBN inserts  designed for hard turning operations.

Tungaloy MiniForce-Turn AH8015

Tungaloy Adds a New Grade for Machining Heat-Resistant Superalloys
Tungaloy has added the PVD-coated AH8015 grade in several geometry types to its MiniForce-Turn series for machining heat-resistant superalloys, steel and stainless steel.

Tungaloy DoFeed high feed milling tools

High Feed Milling Can Reduce Cycle Times 50 Percent
This milling strategy reduces cycle time and tool wear by maintaining high feed rates during aggressive machining passes, even in tough materials like tool steels, titanium and Inconel.

Tungaloy’s MiniForce-Turn tool series

Chipbreaker Eliminates Chip Nests
Tungaloy has expanded its MiniForce-Turn tool series to include the -JS style chipbreaker insert for efficient chip control and machining stability.

Tungaloy T9225 insert grade

Steel Turning Insert Grade Resists Wear
Tungaloy’s T9225 insert grade for steel turning is the latest addition to the T9200 CVD grade series.

Tungaloy will display its ThreadMilling ETLN series at IMTS 2018.

Thread Milling Tool Reduces Premature Insert Failure
IMTS 2018: Tungaloy’s ThreadMilling ETLN series of indexable thread milling tools enables a single cutter body to use different thread profiles and pitches for various operations.

Tungaloy TungQuad Chamfering Cutter

Cutter Enables Multiple Chamfering Operations
Tungaloy has added a multifunctional chamfer cutter series to its TungQuad family.

Tungaloy TCB Series

Counterboring Tools Available in More Diameters
Tungaloy’s TCB series of counterboring tools incorporates expanded tool diameters, ranging from 26 mm to 59 mm or 1.02" to 2.32", and inserts with the CG style chipbreaker geometry.

Quick-Change Tooling Available with C3/C4 Coupling
Tungaloy has expanded its TungCap PSC quick change tooling system to include cutting heads and clamping units in C3/C4 coupling size.

Tungaloy TetraMini-Cut grooving tool family

Inserts Add Flexibility to Grooving Tool Line
Tungaloy is growing its TetraMini-Cut grooving tool family by adding items to its TCG18 insert lines.

Tungaloy WavyJoint cBN turning inserts

Inserts' CBN Brazing Treatment Enables Deeper Cuts
Tungaloy introduces WavyJoint cubic boron nitride (CBN) inserts with a CBN brazing technology for higher productivity in hard-turning operations.

Tungaloy TFE face milling cutter

Face Mill's Adjustable Insert Pockets Reduce Axial Runout
Tungaloy is expanding its TFE series of face milling cutters for finishing applications to include bodies with adjustable insert pockets. 

Tungaloy TungSix-Drill grade AH3135

Changeable-Head Drill Available in Fracture-Resistant Grade
Tungaloy is expanding its insert line for TungSix-Drill, the changeable-head drill, to include grade AH3135.

Tungaloy TungForce-Rec

Modular Heads Added to End Mill System
The latest addition to Tungaloy’s TungMeister changeable-head end mill system is a line of modular heads for TungForce-Rec, the indexable miniature shoulder-milling cutter series.

Tungaloy ISO-EcoTurn

Smaller Economical Turning Inserts, Holders Maintain Same Performance
Tungaloy is expanding its economical ISO-EcoTurn turning insert and holder system to include VNMG inserts and holders.

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