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Tregaskiss CWD MIG guns

Robotic MIG Guns Reduce Gas Loss with Dedicated Lines
Tregaskiss has introduced two new robotic water-cooled MIG guns that are designed to offer superior cooling power for longer gun and consumable life, in addition to reduced gas loss for a lower total cost of ownership.

Welding gun

Welding Guns Are Easy to Maintain, Modify
Fabtech 2017: Bernard and Tregaskiss will showcase its welding guns and consumables with live welding demonstrations of Bernard semi-automatic and Tregaskiss robotic MIG guns.

Bernard Tregaskiss MIG

Reamer Incorporates Ethernet Connectivity
Bernard and Tregaskiss will exhibit together, offering their MIG welding guns, consumables and peripherals, including the Tough Gun TT3E reamer and stand.

Tregaskiss Bernard BTB Tough Gun CA3

MIG Guns, Welding Fume Extraction Guns Showcased
Bernard and Tregaskiss will share a booth at Fabtech 2015, displaying a variety of semi-automatic MIG guns, fume extraction guns, and welding peripherals and consumables.

Robotic MIG Guns Promote Accuracy
Tregaskiss will display robotic MIG guns designed to provide durable, repeatable and accurate welding performance.

Tregaskiss Tough Gun Reamer TT3

Gun Reamer for Harsh Welding Environments
Tregaskiss will display the Tough Gun Reamer TT3 series designed to simplify maintenance and increase reliability, even in harsh welding environments.

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