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Tri-Tech Precision Products Model 5414-R4 spindle head

Spindle Head Attachment Adds Five-Axis Capabilities
Tri-Tech Precision Products will demonstrate its Model 5414-R4 programmable five-axis spindle head attachment, designed to attach to virtually any three-axis CNC milling center for true simultaneous five-axis milling, drilling and grinding.

Programmable Five-Axis Spindle Head Attachment
Tri-Tech Precision Products’ model 5414-R3 programmable spindle head attachment can provide virtually any three-axis CNC milling center with true simultaneous five-axis milling, grinding and drilling capability.

Five-Axis Spindle Attachment
The M5414 five-axis programmable head attachment installs in virtually any three-axis CNC milling center to provide simultaneous five-axis machining capability. The attachment is suited for applications in the mold, aerospace, specialty automotive and energy industries as well as for instrument manufacturers that require five-axis simultaneous and positioning motion. The attachment features an upgraded spindle with high-precision bearings, which are designed to increase rigidity and deliver a smooth surface finish.

Contouring head has a 360-degree range of motion

Programmable Head Brings Five-Axis Machining To Three-Axis VMC
Having no prior experience with five-axis machining, this shop had two options: incur the hefty expense of purchasing a true five-axis machining center or explore less costly alternatives.


Five-Axis Machining With A Contouring Head
This accessory brought low-cost five-axis machining to two shops. One had never used five-axis machining before. The other was an experienced five-axis contractor.

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Trade Names

5 Axis Head
5 Axis Machining Attachment
Tri-Tech 5 Axis Head