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Studer Laser System Efficiently Measures Small Batches

Studer Laser System Efficiently Measures Small Batches
Studer’s laser measuring control system can generate thousands of measuring points for evaluation, even with the workpiece rotating, reducing measuring time.

Studer CSO Sandro Bottazzo

Studer Expands Universal Cylindrical Grinder Series
Studer introduces new features to its external universal cylindrical grinding machines S33 and S31, which now provide additional distances between centers.

One Hundred Years of Grinding Advances
With one hundred years’ experience, Studer is one of the best known brands in precision cylindrical grinding.

A Little Sizzle With That Steak
I was recently a guest of Studer Grinder Company at its manufacturing headquarters in Thun, Switzerland. Every couple of years, Studer invites its sales force and some selected customers and guests to see what's new with Studer grinders.

'Give' A Little Get A Lot
Holding irregular and dimensionally variable shapes, accurately and securely, calls for fixturing with flexibility to match that of their four-machine cell.  

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Grinding Machines, Cylindrical OD
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Grinding Machines, Thread
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