Amada Miyachi America Inc.

1820 S Myrtle Ave.
Monrovia, CA 91016 US


As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Amada Miyachi’s Series 320.

Electronic Weld Head System Extends Force Range
Amada Miyachi America has announced an update to its Series 320 electronic weld head system that increases the maximum weld force.

Amada Miyachi Expands Its Technical Center
Amada Miyachi America announces its expanded Detroit technical center.

Amada Miyachi America technical center

Amada Miyachi America Expands Detroit Technical Center
Amada Miyachi America’s expanded Detroit technical center features new laboratory space  for applications development in welding, marking, ablation, scribing and texturing of metals and plastics.

Amada Miyachi Appoints Kurt Tolliver Vice President of Sales
Mr. Tolliver previously managed the company’s southern USA, Mexico, Central America and European sales networks.

Kurt Tolliver Becomes Vice President, Sales at Amada Miyachi
A 20-year veteran of the company, Mr. Tolliver previously managed its Southern United States, Mexico, Central America and European sales networks.

Amada Miyachi Expands Detroit Technical Center
The expansion makes room for lab space for increased application development services so that customers don’t have to tie up their own facilities.

Amada Miyachi Expands Application Lab
The lab space includes 11 application-specific labs supporting each of the company’s product lines and offering application development services for welding, marking, cutting, drilling, milling and more.

Hole drilled in steel with laser marker

Fiber Laser Markers Do Much, Much More
Fiber laser technology is not just for marking—used properly, it can alleviate the burden on milling, EDM and welding equipment.

Esab Cutting Systems Hydrocut LX

November 2014 Product Spotlight Slideshow: Laser & Waterjet Machining
Click through the slideshow to view new equipment for laser and waterjet machining.

Miyachi America Sigma Femtosecond laser tube-cutting system

Laser Tube Cutter Based on Short-Pulse Disc Platform
Miyachi America’s Sigma Femtosecond laser tube-cutting system is designed to produce high-quality edges in metals and plastics, making it suitable for cutting medical devices such as tubes and stents in a range of diameters.

Miyachi Unitech LMV1000G laser marker

Green Laser Marker Engraves Plastics, Reflective Metals
Miyachi Unitek’s LMV1000G diode-pumped high speed precision laser marker is designed for laser engraving and marking applications on plastics and reflective metals.

Product Categories of Amada Miyachi America Inc.

Laser Cutting Systems
Laser Marking Systems
Nano & Micro Machining Equipment
Welding Machines & Equipment

Trade Names

Amada Miyachi
MacGregor Welding Systems
Miyachi America
Miyachi Eapro
Miyachi Peco
Miyachi Unitek
Unitek Equipment
Unitek Miyachi