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Division of Entrust Manufacturing Technologies, Inc.


A Message from UNISIG Deep Hole Drilling Systems

Company Profile

UNISIG engineers and manufactures deep hole drilling equipment to the highest performance standards, from the machine itself, to durable tooling and accessories, to automation.

UNISIG Compact Rifling Technology Finishes Barrel Blanks with High Accuracy

Designed as a reliable, high-precision solution for gun manufacturers, UNISIG’s dedicated R-2A rifling equipment performs the most critical final steps of firearm manufacturing.

UNISIG Gundrilling System Proves the Utility of Dedicated Deep Hole Drilling

Versatile, productive and reliable, the UNE 12-2 compact gundrilling system brings new levels of increased manufacturing capacity to a variety of industries, including automotive, medical and firearms.

UNISIG’s New B850 Introduces Technology Advances in Company’s B-Series Machines

UNISIG has unveiled newly developed technologies that substantially improve performance while reducing cost in its larger B-series machines.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Unisig USC-M38 multitasking machining center at Concours Mold Inc.

Multitasking Machining Centers Double Throughput, Cut Costs
Purchasing one, then two more, multitasking machining centers has transformed the way Concours Mold Inc. builds molds.

Entrust, Vortakt, Unisig

Entrust Manufacturing Technologies Launches Contract Gundrilling Division
Entrust Manufacturing Technologies has announced Vortakt, a division that focuses on OEM partnerships for gundrilling applications and leverages expertise from Entrust’s Unisig division to provide high-volume production solutions.

UNISIG will display its deep hole drilling machines at IMTS 2018

Deep Hole Drilling Systems Cover Range of Applications
IMTS 2018: Unisig showcases equipment designed for gundrilling, BTA drilling, bottle boring and skiving/roller burnishing applications. 

USC-M from Unisig

Tooling up for Deep-Hole Machining
Imparting complex geometry on the inside (and the outside) of workpieces requires the right equipment, the right cutting tools and the expertise to make the most of both. 

Unisig R2A

Rifling Machine Improves Capacity, Accuracy
Designed as a reliable, high-precision solution for gun manufacturers, Unisig’s R-2A rifling machine accurately finishes barrel blanks.

Unisig USC-M38

Machines Combine Deep-Hole Drilling, Milling for Moldmaking
Amerimold 2017: Unisig USC and USC-M deep-hole drilling and milling machines are designed to allow moldmakers to combine operations, reduce setup time, increase accuracy and eliminate mold design restrictions associated with traditional machining centers.

Unisig B850

Drilling Machine Handles Large Workpieces as Long as 65 Feet
Unisig’s B850 drilling machine, part of the company’s B-series line designed for on-center drilling of round workpieces, features technologies designed to improve performance while reducing cost.

Unisig USC-M

Seven-Axis Deep-Hole Drilling Machine Also Performs Milling
Unisig will display its USC-M series of seven-axis deep-hole drilling and machining centers including the USC-M38, with a nominal drilling depth of 59.1", and the USC-M50, with a drilling depth of 72".

Unisig B700 Drop Bed

Drilling Machine for Aerospace Handles Irregular Workpieces
Unisig has extended its B-series machines for on-center drilling of cylindrical workpieces with the B700 Drop Bed machine designed to generate critical features on large and irregularly-shaped aerospace components such as landing gear struts.

Unisig UNI-50BTA

Drilling Machine Changes from BTA to Gundrill Tooling without Dismantling
Unisig has added the high-precision UNI-50BTA to its UNI series of deep-hole drilling machines.

Unisig USC-M deep-hole drilling machine

Deep-Hole Drilling Machines on Display
Unisig is showcasing its USC-M series of seven-axis deep-hole drilling and machining centers.

Machine Expands Gundrilling Capabilities for Job Shops
The Unisig UNE6 is a compact gundrilling machine used for drilling deep holes with smaller diameters.

Star SU NTG-4L tool and cutter grinder

February 2015 Product Spotlight Slideshow: Grinding
Click through this slideshow for a sampling of grinding equipment, ranging from hand tools and abrasives to complete grinding systems.

Dillon’s hard jaws

Houstex 2015 Preview Slideshow
Click through the slideshow to see a selection of technologies to be displayed at Houstex in advance of the February 24-26 trade show.

Unisig Gundrill Grinder

Gundrill Grinder Enables Concurrent Grinding, Measuring
Unisig’s Gundrill Grinder enables concurrent grinding and measuring operations to help ensure process repeatability and accuracy while speeding the gundrill grinding process.

Unisig USC-M drilling and machining center

Drilling and Machining Centers Leverage BTA Process
Unisig’s USC-M series drilling and machining centers combine several processes into one machine capable of drilling and machining all four sides of a workpiece, reducing setup time and increasing accuracy for mold manufacturers.

Unisig Durable Tooling Guide

Guide Highlights Durable Tooling
A Durable Tooling Guide available from Unisig features information on the company’s components and tooling for BTA deep-hole drilling machines.

S-series machines

Combining Skiving and Burnishing for Cylinder Bores
Machines engineered specifically to perform skiving and roller burnishing operations deliver precise roundness tolerances and quality surface finishes.

Unisig B630 deep hole drilling machine

Pull Boring Highlights the Capability of Deep Hole Making
Pull boring enables users to achieve remarkable straightness in deep holes. A variation of this technique is also effective when maintaining consistent wall thickness (in long, cast pipes, for example) is top priority.

Product Categories of UNISIG Deep Hole Drilling Systems

Drilling Machines, Deep Hole (Gundrilling)
Drilling Machines, Multi-Spindle
Horizontal Machining Centers, Up to Four-Axis
Lathes, Manual
Milling Machines, Bed-Type
Milling Machines, Knee & Column, Non-ATC
Retrofitting, Rebuilding, Remanufacturing Services
Software, CAD/CAM
Thread Cutting Machines
Turn/Mill Machines, CNC
Turning Centers, Horizontal, CNC
Vertical Machining Centers, Up to Four-Axis