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Widia Releases App for Access to Product Feeds, Speeds
Widia’s recently-launched Machining Central app provides calculators, product information and machining speeds for Widia tooling.

Widia Top Cut 4

Drilling Platform Performs Various Hole-Making Operations
The Top Cut 4 indexable drilling platform from Widia is designed for users that machine a broad assortment of products and need one drill for a variety of applications and workpiece materials.

VariMill II ER End Mill

The Anatomy of an End Mill for Titanium
Titanium is often characterized as a “challenging workpiece material.” Certainly, machining this material is a challenge to milling machines, cutting tools and workholding accessories that are suitable for machining more common materials such as mild steel, cast iron or aluminum.

Video: Mentees and Mentors Describe Manufacturing Careers
Video promoting manufacturing careers highlights young people who have chosen this work, and the plants and schools that employ and teach them.

W Machine Works, San Fernando, California

A New Milling 101: What Customers Demand
Part 5. For W Machine Works in San Fernando, a custom variation of the WIDIA-Hanita VariMILL II solid end mill proved especially effective in roughing and semi-finishing applications in stainless steels, high-temp alloys, nickel- and carbon-based alloys, and titanium.

table of workpiece properties

A New Milling 101: Selecting Tool Materials and Coatings
Part 4. The emergence of new workpiece materials is driving the development of new cutting tool materials and tool coatings. These, in turn, are driving the development of new milling processes and techniques.

Face mill

A New Milling 101: What Milling Is, Then and Now (Plus a Glossary of Milling Terms)
Part 1: Greater understanding of milling tools, what they can accomplish, and the optimum circumstances in which to employ them, is always valuable. The continuing development in milling tools in the face of changing customer requirements, advanced workpiece materials, and the constant need to improve productivity while reducing costs make this even more important today.

 Face milling

A New Milling 101: Milling Forces and Formulas
Part 3. The forces involved in the milling process can be quantified, thus allowing mathematical tools to predict and control these forces. Formulas for calculating these forces accurately make it possible to optimize the quality (and the profitability) of milling operations.

WIDIA M6800 square-shoulder milling cutters

A New Milling 101: Cutter Design and Application Considerations
Part 2: Cutting tool geometry governs almost all design and application considerations related to various milling choices.

Try Tweeting for a Tool?
Here is how Twitter will serve the metalworking industry.


Last Glance at IMTS 2010
It would be impossible to cover all of the key exhibitors at IMTS 2010—even if every booth got merely a quick glance. However, the editors of MMS did get glimpses of some interesting technologies exhibited at the show...

Turning Grades Boost Productivity, Lower Costs
High-performance Widia Victory turning grades are designed to deliver high productivity, improved surface finishes and longer tool life in steel and cast iron applications.

Drill Combines Modular, Solid Carbide Characteristics
 Widia’s Victory Top Drill M1 modular drill, part of the company’s Victory platform of advanced milling, turning and hole making tools, is said to combine the economic benefits of modular drilling systems with the machining performance and hole quality of solid carbide tools.Available over a standard diameter range of 0.3150" to 0.8264" (8 to 20.99 mm) and at length-to-diameter ratios of 3×D and 5×D, drill bodies are available in either flanged-shank (metric) or round-shank (inch) configurations.


Face-Milling Cutter, Insert Line Expands
Additions to the M1200 series of face-milling cutters and inserts from Widia are suited for applications in steels, stainless steels, high-strength steels, cast irons and nonferrous materials. The M1200HF (high feed) face-milling system features 12 cutting edges for increased speeds and feeds.

Drill And Bore With A Face Mill
Cutting holes by interpolating a face milling cutter may be a better process choice for many rough and even finish boring operations. Software improvements and better cutter designs allow expanding use of the versatile face mill for hole making.

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