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Unloading this soft brass part after machining is challenge

In Lights-Out Machining, Part Loading Is Not the Problem — Here is How This Shop Handles Unloading
Correct unloading of the parts affects part quality as well as the capacity of the unattended machining system. Here is more of the experience from our “168” shop.

bar-fed multitasking CNC lathes and bar-fed five-axis machining centers

Running Unattended at Night Lets Machine Shop Serve New Customers During Day
Precision Tool Technologies found capacity for diversification not by adding machines, people or space, but by freeing up time. Running unattended—running so it can machine through all 168 hours in the week—has enabled this shop to use hours when staff is present to deliver work that lands outside its established specialty. To achieve unattended machining, some of the biggest challenges have related to basic details such as chips and coolant.

Willemin 508 MT machining center with automated part carousel

Flexible Fixturing Supports Automation
Robotics and carousel systems with custom fixtures help Akron-based Slice Mfg. Studios process hundreds of medical devices unattended. 

bar-fed machining center features a five-axis milling spindle as well as a nine-position turret.

Turret Added to Five-Axis Bar-Fed Milling Machine
This bar-fed mill features a nine-station turret in addition to a five-axis milling spindle. That way, turning can be performed on the bar while the milling spindle performs backworking on a parted-off workpiece.

Road Report: Wish You Were Here

Road Report: Wish You Were Here
Our editors travel the world searching out the latest manufacturing technology. Read what Chris Koepfer, editor-in-chief of Production Machining, is learning about in Switzerland.


Range Of Machines For Complex, Precision Parts
To respond to the requirements of the medical, dental, watchmaking, aerospace and micro-technology industries, Willemin-Macodel offers a range of precision, high-performance machining centers designed for complex parts and quality surface finishes. The company will showcase the capabilities of these models via machining demonstrations involving various types of components.

 bar-fed machining center

Successfully Feeding The Medical Market
This medical shop has adopted five-axis, bar-fed machining technology to adapt to compressed delivery schedules and increasingly complex part geometries.


Machining Under The Microscope
Sandia National Laboratories experiments with turning and milling tools just 10 and 20 microns in size.

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Vertical Machining Centers, Five-Axis
Vertical Machining Centers, Up to Four-Axis