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As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

CribMaster Launches Rebranded Website, Logo
The rebranding effort is intended to align with CribMaster’s parent company, Stanley.

CribMaster 10 suite

Inventory Management Suite Adds Web, iPhone Functionality
CribMaster’s software suite—CribMaster 10, CribMaster Web and CribMaster Mobile Plus—is designed to streamline inventory management processes, improve productivity and reduce operational costs for industrial distributors and manufacturers.

Tool Vending Machine

Proper Tool Management Boosts Tool Production
A point-of-use inventory management system helped this manufacturer of specialty tools reduce inventory costs and work stoppages.

cuting tool vending system

Tool Management System Cuts Scrap
The shop floor at Advanced Green Components is a busy place, with numerous part numbers being produced on 28 production lines consisting of at least 4 CNC machines each. Implementing CribMaster point-of-use tool dispensing systems helped the company streamline the change-over process and avoid costly errors that could lead to scrapping thousands of parts.

unorganized tools

Tool Management System Reduces Costs, Downtime
Ineffective tool management can drive up costs and reduce efficiency even at the most high-tech, successful shops. With WinWare’s CribMaster Accu-Cab inventory management system, this aerospace manufacturer reduced costs, downtime and stock-outs resulting from missing or misplaced tools. In fact, meeting its return on investment (ROI) goals took only a few months.

mining and petrochemical drilling

The Hidden Costs Of Cutting Tools
This shop brought the hidden costs down by paying close attention to tool inventory.

Product Categories of Cribmaster

Automatic Storage/Retrieval Systems
Digitizing/Scanning Systems
Tool Condition Monitoring Systems
Tool Crib Control Software
Tool Storage & Handling Systems
Training of All Types, Including Audiovisual/Internet

Trade Names

CM Purchasing
CM Radio
CM Training
CM University
Data Warehouse
Dolphin 7200
Last Point Read (LPR)
Mobile Tool Facility
On Site
Pro-Stock 560
Weigh Station