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Company Profile

Zebra Skimmers Corp. was founded in 1994 to meet the fluid management needs specific to the metalworking industry.

Zebra Skimmers Corp. - The Technology Leader

Zebra Sidewinder Tube SkimmerZebra Sidewinder Tube Skimmer skims from anywhere.

Zebra Odor Control Tablets

Zebra Odor Control Tablets control odor emissions caused by bacterial growth and work by balancing the pH of the sump.

Uncle Earl's Hand-Healing Soap by Zebra

Uncle Earl's was developed for machinists, whose hands get dry and cracked from frequent washing, then exposed to metalworking chemistry and biology, where they become further irritated.

Zebra Machinist Mixer

Proper fluid mixing provides superior emulsions resulting in consistent concentration values.

Zebra Belt Tramp Oil Skimmers

Simple, easy vertical access, rugged, reliable Heavy-duty, steel construction Removable collection tray 1" and 2" wide models Fixed lower pulley (on reaches to 24") Hanging lower pulley (on reaches 36" and up) Continuous-duty, fan-cooled motor Dual wiper set with lifetime warranty Two year all other parts (steel belts 30 days)

Zebra Metalworking Fluid Management Automation

Zebra Skimmers delivers Dazzle 2, a fully automated sump management solution delivering precise coolant concentration while maintaining the sump level for up to 10 sumps.

As Seen In Modern Machine Shop

Dazzle Island unit

Automated Coolant Concentration Management for Multiple Sumps
This system is capable of automatically managing as many as 10 machine sumps from one drum of chemical concentrate.

Coalescer Offers Coolant-Free Tramp Oil Discharge
Zebra Skimmers’ Muscle Flexor features a surface venturi that redirects separated tramp oil into a coalescing cylinder.

Zebra Skimmers

Soap For Machinists
Developed for machinists to prevent skin irritation resulting from contact with metalworking fluid, Uncle Earl’s Soap for Machinists is formulated to remove shop grease, oils and grime. Produced by Zebra Skimmers, a manufacturer of oil skimmers and fluid maintenance equipment, the soap is designed to alleviate dry, cracked and burning hands—a common problem associated with the use of metalworking fluids—without the use of abrasives or barrier creams.

Michigan Manufacturer Accesses Coolant In Impossible Machines
John Stein, head of maintenance for Clark Manufacturing (Traverse City, Michigan) takes a foresighted approach to problems. He solves them before the happen. One of the toughest challenges he faced in keeping his coolant tanks clean was how to access the coolant in impossible machines, efficiently and economically.

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Coolant Delivery Systems
Coolant Reclamation Equipment
Environmental & Pollution Control Equipment
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Trade Names

Fine Stopper™
Oil Wand™
Snapdragon™ ADAPT™
Uncle Earl's® Hand-Healing™ Soap