ADVERTISEMENT: Sandvik Coromant - Thousands of new products. Millions of ideas!

In a tough business climate, it is even more important to optimize every step; from machining processes to tooling solutions, insert and grade selections. To be prepared for high-volume output when the change comes. This latest release of new products comes with a vast line of solutions with your needs in focus. Thousands of new products; all designed to meet the demands of today. Prepare to take large steps.


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Or for more on specific product lines:

Threading Solutions  - Learn more about our smaller insert size bring the benefits of CoroThread 266 to the majority of your threading applications.

Parting and Grooving -  Learn more about our Corocut extends to wider grooves with new, larger inserts and holders.

Milling Solutions - A variety of new milling solutions provide superior performance:

Speed slot milling with CoroMill 329

The coupling makes the difference with CoroMill 316

Smoother performance and 90-degree cuts with CoroMill 490

Advanced face milling concept with CoroMill 345

Super strong tool clamping with Hydro-Grip Heavy Duty