Additive Manufacturing

How Fluid Dynamics, 3D Printing Delivered a Better Air Duct

Software tools such as computational fluid dynamics (CFD) reveal geometries that can only be realized through 3D printing. HP and Siemens share an example in an episode of The Cool Parts Show: an air duct. 

Digital Demos

Shrink Fit Machines & Tooling

In this Digital Demo, National Sales Manager, Mike Eneix, presents a step-by-step walkthrough of Techniks’ 00450 ShrinkSTATION and 00500 Quencher ShrinkFIT machines. (Sponsored)

Digital Demos

Let's Swiss It. Introducing the Swiss DT 26

In this Digital Demo, Tornos Technologies introduces and reviews its Swiss DT 26 machining features. (Sponsored)  

Video: Shifting into Shop Ownership

Mike Budde, owner of Budde Precision Machining, shares his experience with buying a machine shop and what he’s learned in his two years of shop ownership.


Automation for Low Volume, High Mix Production

Job shops and other high mix manufacturers may not think high automation is a realistic option for their shops. But with modular automation systems you can achieve efficiencies once thought only possible with high volume production. It’s much more practical than you may think.

Additive Manufacturing

The Cool Parts Showcase Seeks Innovative 3D Printed Parts

Do you solve problems with 3D printing? Enter your 3D printed parts in this first-ever contest from The Cool Parts Show. 


Practical Approaches to Automating Five-Axis Machines

There are many approaches to automation in five-axis machining, and whether a shop uses robots or pallet changers, the benefits are often easier to realize than many believe.

Additive Manufacturing

For AM and Machining to Work Together, Let Them Compete

A medical device maker establishes a center of excellence for product and process development in which additive manufacturing and CNC machining both challenge and complement one another.


Keeping Blanchard Grinding Current

What do you do when a large portion of your business depends on machine tools that are more than 30 years old? You roll up your sleeves and perform some of the maintenance of your machines yourself, even if you are the company’s VP, because that maintenance is crucial to the shop’s success. 

CNC & Machine Controls

New Grinding Machine Utilizes Unique Kinematics

A novel grinding machine uses three rotary tables stacked off-center to provide full control over the grinding wheel’s X and Z axis, as well as its angular position, creating an unusual solution to grinding.