CNC & Machine Controls

New Grinding Machine Utilizes Unique Kinematics

A novel grinding machine uses three rotary tables stacked off-center to provide full control over the grinding wheel’s X and Z axis, as well as its angular position, creating an unusual solution to grinding.


ERP Makes Social Distancing Possible at Make-to-Order Shops

As we all learn to cope with the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, the case for cloud-based ERP has never been clearer.

Video: Gardner Business Index 2020 Year In Review

The GBI 2020 Year In Review looks back at business activity data over the last 12-months in order to give manufacturing leaders the insights they will need to maximize their success in 2021.

Additive Manufacturing

Considering 3D Printing for Production? Start Here (Video)

3D printing is ready for production, but it isn't plug-and-play. Editors break down the issues to consider in this high-level conversation.


Job Shop Automates Using Cobot Arm

Loading and unloading a repetitive job was straining employees at B.I.C. Precision Machine, so the shop integrated a cobot arm from Absolute Machine Tools into its production process.

Support Manufacturing with Your End-of-the-Year Contributions

The American Precision Museum is designing new, engaging exhibits available to all ages and accessible in person and on digital platforms. Be part of preserving industrial history.

Turning Tools

Video: Chipbreakers Are Not All the Same—How to Break Chips Effectively

Different chipbreakers are engineered for different parameters. Machining footage shows the difference in effectiveness between chipbreakers used in the right and the wrong applications.

Additive Manufacturing

3D Printing for Animal Enrichment: The Cool Parts Show Goes to the Zoo

It's not just humans who can benefit from the design advantages of additive manufacturing. A 3D printed device made by GE Additive is enriching the lives of animals at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Turning Tools

Video: What Can Force Analysis Tell You About Your Machining Process?

See cuts and force profiles corresponding to tool failure, built-up edge and a tool that is too positive for the setup.


Autodesk Fusion 360 adds PowerMill Technology and More

Autodesk’s Fusion 360 receives a major functionality upgrade with the addition of PowerMill, PowerShape and PowerInspect technology – offering more technology and better value.