Top Shops 2012: L&H Industrial



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Developing the Workforce of Today and Tomorrow

L&H Industrial has a wealth of advanced large-scale machining and manufacturing capabilities. For example, it has recently added a grinding machine that can accommodate gears as large as 236 inches in diameter (see it in the video below) and a multi-function CNC lathe with a 55-inch swing and 354-inch length capacity. While it recognizes the value of integrating such high-end equipment to produce components for oil/gas and mining applications, it also understands the importance of cultivating shopfloor talent.
Les Shannon, manufacturing manager, says L&H’s efforts in this respect extend beyond the company’s own specific workforce needs. L&H works with a number of area schools to provide the guidance needed so graduates have marketable skills that will enable them to quickly find work. (“Area” is a bit of a misnomer, because the northeast Wyoming company has sent representatives to schools in Idaho, South Dakota and North Dakota.) L&H’s owners realize that their next generation of shopfloor employees (as well as their competitors) will be coming from the area trade schools, so they are adamant about supporting the colleges both financially and intellectually. Schools such as Boise State are eager to work with such businesses for direction so they can develop curriculums that best meet industry needs.
L&H also works with its own employees to make sure they continue to hone their existing skills and develop new ones. Employees that take a job-related class are reimbursed for the cost of the course and books as long they get a 3.0 grade in the class. The company also sends employees to attend classes offered by manufacturing equipment and software providers, and enables them to attend trade shows such as IMTS. The latter often leads to process improvements as employees are able to see the latest advances in manufacturing equipment and consider how new technologies might be applied at L&H.

Company Description

L&H Industrial is a leader in the design and manufacturing of aftermarket parts for mining shovels, draglines and drills. The company also specializes in providing field services and remanufacturing and repair services for the global mining industry.
L&H Industrial was founded in Gillette, Wyoming, USA in 1964 by Leon Wandler. At that time, the company had just six employees. Today, it has offices on four continents and more than 450 employees who are dedicated to delivering outstanding service to the mining centers of the world.
The company has also assembled a worldwide distribution network with providers that share its mission, vision and values. In 2009, the company partnered with Vulcan Industrial in Gujarat, India, which tripled its large-scale manufacturing capacity. In 2010, L&H opened operations in Mackay, Queensland to provide OEM parts and mining products to the Australian market.

End Markets Served

  • Oil/Gas
  • Mining

Workpiece Materials Commonly Machined

  • Brass
  • Cast Iron
  • High-Temp Alloys
  • Mild Steels
  • Plastics

Contact Information

L&H Industrial

913 L&J Court

Gillette, Wyoming 82718

Phone: 307-682-7238
Fax: 307-686-1646