Cutting Tools

Five Grades Added to Turning Insert Range

IMTS 2018: YG-1’s range of turning inserts has added five grades, on display with the company’s full lineup of cutting tools. 

Turning Machines

What Is Single-Lobe Peeling?

A manufacturer of large turn-mill machines has developed a bar-peeling process to complete large, progressive cavity pump rotors in one setup.

Make Parts Faster with Automated CAM

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Drawn Together – Modern Machine Shop and Powerhouse Factories

To celebrate Modern Machine Shop’s 90th anniversary, we commissioned this commemorative poster by Powerhouse Factories, a creative agency best known for its original screen prints for musical artists. Learn more about the agency’s “shop” culture, and share your story for an opportunity to win one of the posters.


Grinding Cell Automates, Consolidates Surgical Shaver Machining

Pre- and post-grind inspection stations and the right centerless machine enable this robot-tended medical manufacturing process to correct itself. 


Creaform, Metrologic Group Announce Worldwide Partnership

The partnership integrates the latter’s advanced metrology software into the former’s automated 3D scanning product, Cube-R. 


What Is the Next Big Thing for Your Shop? Three Top Shops Winners Reply

All their replies pointed to automation. One also sees additive manufacturing. Watch video from the Top Shops Conference.

Collaboration with Other Shops Helps with Finding High-Value Machining Work

In a Maryland manufacturing co-op, the allied businesses sell one another’s services and support one another. The co-op even enables direct competitors to cooperate, as described in this video from the Top Shops Conference.

Cutting Tools

Hi-Speed Corp. Now Represents YG-1 on U.S. West Coast

Hi-Speed’s decision comes after representing Widia-Hanita for more than 25 years.

Data-Driven Manufacturing

Machine Monitoring Both Challenges and Benefits Shop Culture

How does a shop deal with the “Big Brother” feeling that comes from implementing machine tool data collection? Part of the answer is the benefit to employee experience that this data collection will make possible. Watch video from the Top Shops Conference.
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