When Machining Lights Out Leaves Nothing Out

A Top Shops honors program winner strives to ensure every part crosses paths with a robot, cobot or pallet changer.


Adaptive Technology Opens CNC Shop Opportunities

VR goggles integrated with a camera give a legally blind young woman 20/20 vision and the chance to be a machine shop’s second-shift quality control lead.

A Sense of Purpose and Belonging: People Drive Company Growth

Tips for creating an employee-centric business. 
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Milling Tools

Video: 3D Printed Tool Illustrates the Impact of Additive Manufacturing on Machining

Is AM an aid to machining? A competitor? It’s both. The Cool Parts Show looks at a milling tool design made possible by 3D printing.

Additive Manufacturing

Video: Topology Optimization in Action

What is topology optimization, and how does it work? See the process for lightweighting a legacy part step-by-step using this design strategy in the video in this blog post. 

Video: Starting Your Own Machine Shop — the Rewards and Challenges

The owner of Dan’s Custom Machining on the decision to go full-time with his machining business, advice for future shop owners, and whether buying machine tools is fun.


A More Affordable Approach to 5-Axis Large Part Machining

Shops that machine large aluminum parts don’t have to pay millions of dollars for a machining center just to get the work envelope they need. There is a more affordable alternative, and it’s manufactured in the USA.

Video: Succession Planning, Stewardship and Generation Change in Machine Shops

Leaders of Indiana Precision Grinding describe lessons learned related to succession planning and how the upcoming generation found its commitment to the business.


Lessons from a COVID-19 Shutdown and Reopening

Weldon Solutions, a manufacturer of CNC cylindrical grinders and robotic automation systems, had to close its doors for two months due to COVID-19. Now allowed to reopen, the company is taking stock of the lessons learned and a path forward during the pandemic.


Rough Faster With Better Tool Life in Difficult Materials

Optimized roughing, also called high-efficiency milling, is an effective way to improve material removal rates and tool life for titanium and hard-to-machine alloys, but knowing when to use it is as important as knowing how.