Gardner Business Media President Sees Meaning in General Media Attention to Manufacturing, Asks for Stories

Both the importance and the technological advance of manufacturing are becoming more widely seen. Modern Machine Shop’s publisher is helping with this visibility.

Additive Manufacturing

Guide for Healthcare Providers: How to Find (and Talk to) 3D Printing Professionals

If you are a medical professional in the U.S., you've likely heard that 3D printing can be an answer to equipment shortages. Here's how to find local 3D printing specialists and how to talk to them once you have. 

Turning Machines

Sometimes the Trickiest Part of CNC Machining Is Holding the Part

Finding a way to fixture contoured marine propellors proved to be this shop’s biggest challenge in developing an effective automated machining cell.

Coronavirus Demands a Data-Driven Response

CNC machining businesses are justifiably concerned about the COVID-19’s effect on metalworking supply chains, but they are not helpless. Data illuminate the path ahead.

Shop Management Software

Video: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on Manufacturing and Machining

The machine tool monitoring that many CNC machining facilities are doing today could be a first step toward their use of machine learning. In this conversation, MMS’s “Data Matters” columnist Matt Danford speculates on the coming role of AI for refining machining processes.  

Modern Is Everywhere

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Swiss Grinding Technology in Motion

During a recent open house at Studer’s headquarters in Switzerland, the company highlighted advances in cylindrical grinding technology including automation solutions to enable long stretches of unattended operation.


Is Robotic Automation the Key to Drawing (and Keeping) New Employees?

Robotic automation is transforming a job that was perhaps a machine operator’s least-favorite work assignment into one that is not a heavy lift.  


IMTS Sparks Idea for Adaptive Technology in a CNC Machine Shop

An encounter with a virtual reality demonstration at the 2018 International Manufacturing Technology Show led to the discovery of adaptive technology that gives a shop’s legally blind QC inspector 20/20 vision.


Workholding Material Conforms to 3D Surfaces

A porous, easily sculpted material provides even vacuum gripping force throughout the entire contact area with the workpiece.