Top Shops 2011: Hyper-Tech

This shop uses CNC turning, milling, gear cutting, ID and OD grinding, honing and broaching to be a done-in-one supplier of machined parts.


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More than an ordinary machine shop, Hyper-Tech offers turning, milling, gear cutting, ID and OD grinding, honing and broaching all on the latest CNC equipment. This enables it to maintain high quality standards throughout the entire manufacturing process.

Hyper-Tech is dedicated to producing parts that meet today’s tough acceptance standards, and its quality control system is designed to meet or exceed most aerospace requirements. Its machinists have gone through rigorous journeyman training. They go back to school for continuing education on the latest technology, including CNC and CAM programming and the newest quality-control methods. The shop designs and manufactures mechanical assemblies, prototypes and runs production-volume lots. It works with a vast array of metals from aluminum to zinc as well as plastics.

Key Personnel
• Gus Grant, Owner/Vice President (retired)
• Mark Grant, Owner/Vice President
• John Fitzgerald, General Manager
• Rafael Castillo, Operations Manager
• David Gonzalez, Programming/Design Lead
• Three Fadal 4020 VMCs (four axis)
• Fadal 2216 VMC (four axis)
• Fadal 4020 VMC with rigid tapping
• Fadal 15XT VMC with rigid tapping
• Two Haas VMCs (four axis)
• Three Bridgeport 2J mills with digital readout
• Daewoo Puma 8S CNC lathe
• Daewoo 200 CNC lathe
• Daewoo 240 CNC lathe
• Doosan Lynx 220A CNC lathe with ATS 5C collet chuck
End Markets Served
• Aerospace
• Automotive
• Bio-Tech
• Commercial
• Industrial
• Medical
• Ocean Exploration
Workpiece Materials Commonly Machined
• Aluminum
• Brass
• Delrin
• Polyethylene
• Stainless Steel
• Steel
• Titanium