Valve Production Machine with 20-inch Turning Capability


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Mazak offers its Orbitec 20 for manufacturers of valves and similar large components. Well-suited for manufacturers in the energy industries, this machine is said to be a cost-effective valve body production center that completes more than 75 percent of valve applications in brass and steel in one setup while maintaining high tolerances. It is able to complete a variety of valve features, including the facing of flange surfaces, conical boring of taper holes, face milling and end milling. This video, taken at Mazak’s Southwest Technology Center in Houston, Texas, show the Orbitec machining a demonstration valve component.


The Orbitec 20 features 20-inch-diameter turning capability and has a proprietary facing head. It is equipped with a 40 hp, 600-rpm integrated spindle motor and offers axis travels of 11.8 inches in X, 23.62 inches in U, 23.62 inches in V and 48.43 inches in Z. A two-pallet changer option is available.


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