Plotting a Pathway to Profitable Additive Manufacturing

The cost per pound for a metal AM part may be shocking, but that knowledge is essential to plan a journey to success with Additive Manufacturing.

Unlock Your Capacity with Automation

Download the collection to explore opportunities and challenges within machining automation.

Profitable Additive Manufacturing Is Not an Oxymoron

How a kangaroo, a chest implant and the cost of argon prompted a question that led to the subject of this month’s column.

Beginning Your AM Journey: One Part to Begin the Path

Identifying the right part to begin your additive manufacturing path can demonstrate and validate the AM workflow, provide a benchmark for future work and more.

Beginning the AM Journey: An Uphill Battle

Faster machines, cheaper feedstocks, new standards — with all of these advances, why is additive manufacturing still “an uphill battle” for so many?              

Avoiding Costs while Adding Value with DFAM

Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM) is as much about finding value as it is about avoiding costs with AM. 

Machining Additively Manufactured Supports: The Tool’s Perspective

Studies show that thin-walled additvely manufactured support structures may not be as good for machine tools as they might seem.

Additive Manufacturing with Wire

This system has the benefits of cheaper cost and easier handling. But there can be some drawbacks as well.

Finding Value with Design for Additive Manufacturing

Six questions can help you find value as you apply DFAM.

What Is Directed Energy Deposition?

Analyzing directed energy deposition and powder-bed fusion provides a thorough understanding of the extra machining necessary for a “near net shape” versus a “net shape” manufacturing process.

The Value of Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM)

Design is the “value multiplier” when it comes to additive manufacturing.

How a Worksheet Can Elevate AM Success

How a simple worksheet can help improve success with additive manufacturing.

Industrializing AM: A Simple Cost Equation

The costs of AM are still throttling its adoption.

Additive Manufacturing Standards

There are gaps in published additive manufacturing standards. Here are some resources and standards to help make sense of the growing technology.

Getting Ready for Additive Manufacturing

Readiness needs to be assessed on multiple fronts as companies seek to industrialize additive manufacturing.

The Harsh Realities of Additive Manufacturing

Now is the time to start talking about what is really holding additive manufacturing back.

Additive Manufacturing in the Age of COVID-19: Ramping Up for a Fight

Reporting from the front lines of the fight against the coronavirus, this time confronting the costs to ramp up production of needed medical products. 
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