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Published: 1/29/2019

10-hp Waterjet Pump Delivers 30,000 psi for Cutting
Omax has expanded its GlobalMax pump series with a 10-hp version for its GlobalMax JetMachining waterjet machines. 

Published: 1/29/2019

Versatile Waterjet Machine Designed for Cost-Effectiveness
The Mach 100 has been characterized by Flow International as a cost-effective and versatile waterjet machine.

Published: 1/29/2019

Waterjet Nozzle Enable Longer Cuts
Kennametal’s APX series of Roctec waterjet nozzles are said to provide 20 percent longer operating life than the Roctec 500 series of tungsten carbide nozzles.

Published: 1/3/2019

Large-Format Laser Cutter Features 71" Loading Area
Trotec Laser’s SP2000 laser cutter for large-format materials is said to combine a low-maintenance design with high-speed, high-power precision processing.

Published: 1/3/2019

Fiber Laser Welding Machine Reduces Spatter, Cracking
Coherent’s CleanWeld fiber laser is said to minimize cracking and porosity and to reduce as much as 80 percent of spatter.

Published: 10/17/2018

Waterjet Cutting Head Maximizes Nozzle Life
Barton International has introduced the Trident-4 integrated diamond cutting head designed for Flow Dynamic Waterjet and Dynamic XD systems.

Published: 9/19/2018

Plasma Cutting, Waterjet Products Introduced
Hypertherm, a manufacturer of industrial cutting systems and software, is introducing two new systems at FABTECH this month, including plasma and waterjet technology.

Published: 9/19/2018

10-kW Fiber Laser Platform Provides High Output
Bystronic’s ByStar Fiber laser cutting machine with 10-kW fiber laser is being shown at FABTECH this month.

Published: 7/25/2018

Lab-Grown Orifice Material Optimizes Waterjet Performance
IMTS 2018: Diamond Technology Innovations will display its TetraCore orifice material for the waterjet cutting and cleaning industries.

Published: 7/19/2018

Waterjet System Designed for Prototyping, Personal Use
IMTS 2018: Omax’s ProtoMax personal abrasive waterjet system is a self-installed cutting system for prototyping and low-volume cutting of material 1" thick.