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Published: 3/31/2010

Automated Fixture Plate Distribution System.
Makino’s MMC-R automation system is designed for robotic fixture plate distribution in HMCs and VMCs.

Published: 2/8/2010

Non-Slip Urethane Grippers
 The company offers an array of clamps, fixturing accessories and machine tool components suited for OEM, machine, forming and fabricating shops.

Published: 1/18/2010

Dual-Arm Robot Handles Heavy Parts
Motoman’s SDA10D robot is said to provide the reach, payload, speed, performance and flexibility required to perform various assembly, handling, machine tending, packaging and part transfer applications.Both robot arms can work together on one...

Published: 1/18/2010

Machine-Tending Robots
Denso says its VS and VM series of six-axis articulated robots are useful for machine tending as well as secondary material-handling operations including polishing, washing, measurement and inspection.

Published: 7/9/2009

Flexible Production System
A manufacturing concept for flexible production of prismatic powertrain components—from engine blocks to transmission housings—is offered by Heller Machine Tools. The company’s ModuleLine System (MLS) allows manufacturers to respond to changes in p...

Published: 7/9/2009

Zero-Footprint SCARA Robot
Designed to improve cycle time, Epson’s zero-footprint RS3 SCARA robot provides larger work envelope access for 450 degrees of axis rotation and omni-directional access.

Published: 7/8/2009

Next Generation Ultra-Fast SCARA Robot Series
Stäubli Robotics’ TS series of high speed SCARA robots are designed for speed, rigidity and precision. The line includes the TS40, TS60 and TS80 with a range of 400-, 600- and 800-mm reach and a payload of 8 kg.

Published: 7/8/2009

Robots Designed To Handle Large Payloads
Versatile, high-speed Motoman ES165D and ES200D handling robots are suited for large-payload machine and press tending applications and various other handling tasks. The robots feature wide work envelopes and high moment-of-inertia ratings coupled ...

Published: 3/27/2009

Clean Room Certified Tray Handler
Distech Systems has introduced a clean room certified DS1100 parts feeding machine for medical and pharmaceutical applications. For clean rooms, the system is manufactured almost entirely of stainless steel and has the ability to handle thin, therm...

Published: 1/12/2009

Six-Axis Robot Moves Large, Heavy Parts With Stability
Fanuc Robotics’ M-2000iA offers a 900-kg payload and allows users to move large, heavy parts such as truck, tractor and automotive frames with maximum stability. The rigid arm design of the robot has a vertical lifting stroke of 6. 2 m for transfer...