Additive Manufacturing

What Is Directed Energy Deposition?

Analyzing directed energy deposition and powder-bed fusion provides a thorough understanding of the extra machining necessary for a “near net shape” versus a “net shape” manufacturing process.

Additive Manufacturing

How a Worksheet Can Elevate AM Success

How a simple worksheet can help improve success with additive manufacturing.


Growing Closer: Machine Shops and 3D Printing for Production

Machining a large 3D-printed part for aerospace composite tooling is fundamentally different than manufacturing the part traditionally. Baker Industries knows this first-hand.

How to Select the Right Programming CAM Software for Directed Energy Deposition in Mold Repair and Modification

Selecting the right programming CAM software improves the use of directed energy deposition to repair and modify tooling.

Additive Manufacturing

Can This Metal 3D Printing System Make Production Additive Manufacturing Common in Machine Shops?

A new metal AM system for batches of end-use parts was designed to permit productivity and machine pricing comparable to a CNC machine tool.

PODCAST: 3-in-1 Moldmaking Force Always Looking for Problems ... to Solve

This mold manufacturer considers itself an engineering company with a focus on people and solving problems. In this episode of The Manufacturing Alliance, I sit down with two VPs to break down how three companies operate as one to provide creative solutions to complex manufacturing challenges.

Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing Standards

There are gaps in published additive manufacturing standards. Here are some resources and standards to help make sense of the growing technology.

Comparing 3D-Printed Conformal-Cooled Steel Molds to Aluminum Molds

While 3D-printed conformal coolant lines in steel injection molds reduce production costs and improve part quality, aluminum molds can yield similar results faster and at a lower cost.

Additive Manufacturing

The Harsh Realities of Additive Manufacturing

Now is the time to start talking about what is really holding additive manufacturing back.

Print the Whole Injection Mold in HSS to Increase Tool Life

A German mold builder offers a solution for printing high-speed steels with high carbon content to produce highly dense and wear-resistant molds via selective laser melting.