Additive Manufacturing

What Can 3D Printing Really Do?

And what will it mean for the future of manufacturing? “The Cool Parts Show,” a new video series from Additive Manufacturing, answers these questions with real examples. Watch the first season now. 

Additive Manufacturing

3 Major Trends in Manufacturing (And They All Begin with “A”)

Peter Zelinski, Editor-in-Chief of Additive Manufacturing and Modern Machine Shop, sees 3 big, major, long-term trends that continue to reshape manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing

"Hybrid" Manufacturing Process Combines Deposition and Laser Peening

Research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is combining directed energy deposition (DED), a metal 3D printing process, with laser peening for improved mechanical properties.

Additive Manufacturing

Brackets Are One Potential Win for 3D Printing

They may not be flashy, but they are necessary. Four reasons 3D printing can build a better bracket. 

Additive Manufacturing

Material Jetting: It's Like Printing, Just in 3D

Recent advances in material processing capabilities have renewed interest in material jetting, the additive process that allows 3D objects to be built by placing different combinations of material drop-by-drop.


Additive Advances Highlighted at Grand Opening

GF Machining Solutions put its technology on display for its North American customers, highlighting advances in EDM spark monitoring and support for additive manufacturing technology.


Mazak, Oak Ridge National Laboratory Cooperate on R&D

Working on behalf of the U.S. Department of Energy, ORNL and Mazak will further develop the use of hot wire deposition (HWD) for additive manufacturing.

Additive Manufacturing

Production Additive Manufacturing Is Already Happening

3D printing has become commonplace in machine shops as a way of manufacturing jigs, fixtures and other tooling. But where is it being used for production?

Additive Manufacturing

The Key to Repeatable 3D Printing? Materials

The latest issue of Additive Manufacturing Magazine explores how materials will be the key to production 3D printing. 

Additive Manufacturing

CompositesWorld to Host Additive Composites Event at CAMX

The inaugural Additive Manufacturing Workshop for Composites, hosted by CompositesWorld and co-located with CAMX, will explore the connection between additive manufacturing and continuous fiber reinforcement.