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Published: 11/14/2019

Additive Manufacturing with Sheet Lamination
No longer limited to paper, sheet lamination bonds sheets of material together to form an object. Companies are exploring the possibilities of this process.

Published: 11/5/2019

What Can 3D Printing Really Do?
And what will it mean for the future of manufacturing? “The Cool Parts Show,” a new video series from Additive Manufacturing, answers these questions with real examples. Watch the first season now. 

Published: 11/5/2019

Customizing Collaborative Robots with 3D Printing
A company that helps manufacturing companies implement collaborative robots has found that additive manufacturing can produce custom parts for these systems faster and cheaper than machining.

Published: 11/1/2019

MMT Readers Top-Viewed Content for October 2019
Looking at all the content MoldMaking Technology has presented in October 2019, here are the top 10 most-viewed features, blogs and videos.

Published: 10/25/2019

How Do You Define Plastics?
A question asked in an industry forum starts an open-ended discussion about something that affects everyone’s lives. 

Published: 10/21/2019

"Hybrid" Manufacturing Process Combines Deposition and Laser Peening
Research at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is combining directed energy deposition (DED), a metal 3D printing process, with laser peening for improved mechanical properties.

Published: 10/14/2019

Brackets Are One Potential Win for 3D Printing
They may not be flashy, but they are necessary. Four reasons 3D printing can build a better bracket. 

Published: 10/10/2019

Material Jetting: It's Like Printing, Just in 3D
Recent advances in material processing capabilities have renewed interest in material jetting, the additive process that allows 3D objects to be built by placing different combinations of material drop-by-drop.

Published: 10/10/2019

VIDEO: Custom Mold & Design Talks Hybrid Additive Manufacturing
Lester Jones, VP of Custom Mold & Design discusses the shop's use of its Matsuura Lumex Avance-25 hybrid AM machine for creating conformal-cooled inserts with MoldMaking Technology Editorial Director Christina Fuges.  

Published: 10/9/2019

Mold Builder Learns How to Use Hybrid AM to Build Conformal-Cooled Inserts
It is one thing to understand additive technology, but it is another to know when to invest, who to partner with and how to sell its value.