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Published: 8/22/2019

Lower Buy-to-Fly Ratios with Near-Net Additive Manufacturing
Building up large parts with wire-arc metal 3D printing rather than machining from solid has allowed this aerospace manufacturer to reduce its buy-to-fly ratio dramatically. 

Published: 8/16/2019

3D Printing: Viewpoints from the MMT Editorial Advisory Board, Part 1
Each month, MMT has published editorial from its advisory board about 3D printing’s current and future prospects in moldmaking. Here are a few of them.

Published: 8/16/2019

Additive Manufacturing Via Material Extrusion
Material extrusion was the second additive manufacturing process to be successfully commercialized. After three decades of material advancements and a diverse array of start-ups and applications, the use cases for this technology are still going str...

Published: 8/9/2019

A Systematic Approach to Laser Sintering
As an early adopter of laser sintering technology, NyproMold uses a very focused, two-step strategy for evaluating when it makes sense to use it.

Published: 8/6/2019

Can You 3D Print with Machining Chips?
Meld Manufacturing’s solid-state metal 3D printing process is compatible with a range of materials and formats, even chips from machining.

Published: 11/7/2018

The Impact of 3D Printing on Wire EDM
3D printing impacts wire EDM workholding, cutting conditions and machine tool specifications.

Published: 8/2/2019

Are Machine Shops Doing More Plastic Parts Production Due to 3D Printing?
That is the suggestion of a survey finding. Facilities we associate with metalworking are using additive manufacturing for production of plastic parts.

Published: 8/2/2019

Selling the Value of Additive Tooling in a Mold
Gaining molder buy-in for a conformal-cooled mold insert requires communicating the mold’s total cost of ownership over the life of the project.

Published: 7/29/2019

Additive Manufacturing — More Than Metal: How Vat Photopolymerization Started It All
Vat photopolymerization was the first additive manufacturing process to be successfully commercialized. Three decades later, this technology has shown how AM is capable of scaling to volume production and making custom products on demand.

Published: 7/23/2019

How Robots and Additive Manufacturing Work Together
The July issue of Additive Manufacturing magazine takes a close look at the ways automation and AM overlap, from part handling to 3D printing with robotic arms.