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Published: 7/30/2018

Metal Production Module Promotes Safety During AM Process
IMTS 2018: AddUp’s pre-fabricated, turnkey FlexCare System is a containerized metal production room, built according to health, safety and environmental standards for working with metallic powders in the 3D printing process...

Published: 7/27/2018

3D Printing Platform Enables "High-Speed Digital Molding"
IMTS 2018: 3D Systems’ Figure 4 3D printing platform consists of Figure 4 Production, Figure 4 Standalone and Figure 4 Modular.

Published: 7/24/2018

Medium-Format AM Machine Reduces Downtime
IMTS 2018: Trumpf’s TruPrint 3000 is a medium-format additive manufacturing machine geared towards the large-scale production of complex metal parts.

Published: 7/23/2018

Printer Delivers Functional Parts at Low Operational Cost
IMTS 2018: CAD Blu offers the 3D Systems ProJet MJP 2500 Plus, designed to offer professional-grade 3D printing with an affordable price.

Published: 7/20/2018

Metal 3D Printer Saves Weight, Minimizes Postprocessing
IMTS 2018: Big Systems showcases Markforged’s Metal X 3D printer, designed to avoid the safety risks of powder-based printers and to be easily installed on shop floors. 

Published: 7/20/2018

Metal 3D Printers Use Wire Form Process
IMTS 2018: Gefertec’s GTarc3000-3 and GTarc800-5 metal 3D printers are designed for large-scale production and for research and development applications.

Published: 7/19/2018

3D Printer Processes MIM Powders, Decreases Costs
IMTS 2018: ExOne has developed the Innovent+ 3D printing machine to process metal injection molding (MIM) powders.

Published: 7/18/2018

3D Printers Suit High-Temperature Thermoplastics Applications
IMTS 2018: Updates to the A2V4 and A4V4 3D printers, designed by 3ntr and distributed by Plural Additive Manufacturing, include print beds that withstand temperatures as high as 160°C and build chambers as high as 9...

Published: 7/18/2018

Thermal Imaging Offers Efficiency in EB-PBF Defect Evaluation
IMTS 2018: LAI International’s Thermal Imaging Rendering & Analysis (TIRA) technology has been developed to improve quality analysis for electron beam powder-bed fusion (EB-PBF).

Published: 7/17/2018

Industrial-Scale 3D Printer Facilitates Cost-Effective Production
IMTS 2018: EOS North America’s EOS P 500 3D printer is designed to produce laser-sintered polymer partson an industrial scale.