The Progress of a Progressive Die Maker

This shop sees no long-term threat in the reality of lower prices. Machine tool investments related to various die components allow the shop to use skilled labor more efficiently.


Mold And Die Development Software

CGS North America has announced the merger in Japan, of Computer Engineering and Graphic Products (Japan). The new company started January 1, 2010 and is named C&G Systems Inc.


What 64-Bit Technology Means For CAM Systems

GibbsCAM 2010 adds 64-bit support as an option, preparing for a future where 64-bit computing is the norm and also offering significant benefits to some GibbsCAM customers. This article offers information to help you appreciate the considerations associated with moving to a 64-bit computing environment.

Cutting Tools

When to Mill Keeps Changing

Technology improvements steadily expand the range of tool and die parts that justify high speed machining.
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Optimized Tool Paths Save Time, Boost Profits

Faced with inefficient roughing operations on its stamping dies, foundry patterns and other aerospace industry tooling, this manufacturer sought to upgrade its CAM software. The Esprit CAM package from DP Technology helped reduce programming and cycle time by enough to generate a substantial increase in profits.


Update To CAD, CAM, CAE Software

Vero Software’s VISI 17 features enhancements to the company’s CAD, CAM and CAE solutions. CAD enhancements include model thickness analysis, which allows the user to identify the thickest and thinnest areas of the model and validate its integrity.


Justin Amos Wins “Innovator of the Future” Contest

The developer of Mastercam sponsors this contest each year to get students excited about CAD/CAM and the manufacturing process. 


Injection Molding Simulation Software

Vero’s high-end injection molding simulation software has been fully integrated with surface and solid modeling tools; comprehensive two- to five-axis machining strategies with high speed routines; two- and four-axis EDM; and a mold design package. Visi Flow 17 injection molding simulation software uses a custom hexahedral hybrid mesh technology to quickly provide accurate results, the company says.


Fast Mold Design, Machining

 Delcam’s PowerShape CAD software and the PowerMill CAM system are said to offer fast mold design and fast machine tool programming, respectively. The fast mold design has been made possible by incorporating the Parasolid kernel for solid modeling alongside the company’s own surface modeling system.


Mold Design Software Improvements

TopSolid’Mold 2009 dedicated mold design software from Missler features complete CAM integration with TopSolid’Cam. The software update enables calculation of the shrinkage factor; analysis of undercuts; calculation of the parting line and surface of the joint; automatic creation and definition of the core block and cavity; implementation of the standard carcass systems of injection and ejection; and analysis of the cooling system.  Molds can be designed in a collaborative environment with several users working at the same time, thus reducing design times.