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Published: 11/7/2008

CAM And Turn/Mill: Making More With Less
A shift in thinking has led to an overhaul of this company’s machine tools and production processes. The result has been a significant improvement in capacity that has allowed more parts to be brought in-house and more profits at the end of the day.

Published: 9/17/2008

Programming A Robot The Way You Program A CNC Machine Tool
Programming a robot with the same CAM software used for a multi-axis machine tool makes it unnecessary to “teach” the robot by jogging it manually from point to point and recording these point-to-point moves as the robot’s motion commands. Robotmast...

Published: 8/5/2008

Achieving Metal-Like Tolerances In Composite Parts
On-machining probing compensates for uncertainty in machining operations in composites

Published: 5/10/2008

How PLM Helps Manage Global Supply Chains
Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) can make it possible to capture information from all stages of manufacturing and production. Here are a few examples of how PLM can help optimize production processes that are spread around the world.

Published: 3/1/2008

Another Step Toward CAM Automation
A CAD/CAM software provider has taken an important step that will enable CNC machine tool users to benefit from emerging data-communications standards designed to promote a truly “paperless” manufacturing environment. The key is a STEP AP224 interfa...

Published: 2/1/2008

An Alternate Route For Generating An Alternate Tool Path
A universal toolpath engine for roughing pockets optimizes cycle times by maintaining a constant material removal rate regardless of part geometry. This toolpath engine is not a CAM system. Instead, users pay a monthly fee to upload geometries to a ...

Published: 2/1/2008

Get Better Before You Get Bigger
Rather than making a major new machine tool purchase just yet, this shop is finding additional capacity on the equipment it already has. What once was a vertical machining center will become a flexible automated production center for unattended mach...

Published: 1/14/2008

Continuous Turning On Turn-Mills
A new CAM feature continuously manages B-axis head rotation to allow turn-mills to completely turn inner and outer workpiece profiles using a single tool.

Published: 10/5/2007

Macro Economics
Instead of NC programs that are dedicated to particular parts and machines, this plant now uses macro programs that react to geometric variations across broad part families. The plant wrote these macros itself, and the return on this investment has ...

Published: 9/18/2007

NC Coding For Encoders
With the right CAM system, this manufacturer of industrial encoders was able to incorporate offline part programming and knowledge-based machining for increased productivity.