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Published: 2/19/2007

Optimizing Cycle Times With CAM
Swiss-type lathes and CNC automatic screw machines now have more power and flexibility and better accuracy than ever. As the popularity of CNC continues to grow on these machines, a good computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) system is increasingly nece...

Published: 2/5/2007

Programming From Memory
Go beyond crib books. Using a CAM-based knowledge library does more than just speed programming—it can also make machining more consistent throughout the shop.

Published: 2/1/2007

Follow Your Blisk
Here are some considerations for successful blisk machining.

Published: 1/24/2007

Under Pressure
Using an integrated, single-window solution can alleviate programming bottlenecks, making the transition from design to manufacturing smooth.

Published: 11/15/2006

Another Step Toward CNC Programming Automation
Part designers and part programmers have to think differently. Esprit FX is a development from DP Technology (Camarillo, California) that helps overcome the "disconnect" that occurs when designers pass geometry to CNC programmers. FX stands for "fea...

Published: 11/2/2006

CAM Software As A Creativity Tool
This job shop relies on its CNC programming software to unlock the productivity of its multi-axis, multi-tasking machine tools and CNC Swiss-type machines.

Published: 3/2/2006

Making Programming Hands-Free (Almost)
Feature-recognition CAM software helps this technology company's internal mold shop deliver critical molds more quickly. A programmer is still needed, but the software automation saves considerable time.

Published: 1/18/2006

Steering Clear Of Corner Concerns
Tool paths based on constant stepovers often get an end mill into trouble when it heads into a corner. Using the tool's angle of engagement as the constant avoids this difficulty.

Published: 10/25/2005

Software Meets Shop's Multitasking Machine Programming Needs
Structure Medical is not new to the medical supply industry; it is a spin-off of a company called Inovo, which is a manufacturer of oxygen regulators used in hospitals, nursing homes and the like. Inovo’s principals had been looking for growth...

Published: 8/12/2005

Making A Flexible Machine Tool More Flexible
Multitasking cutting tools can maximize the flexibility of multitasking machines.

If machines were to decide, they’d love the Tebis NC programs for high-quality, efficient and reliable CAD/CAM solutions.
SmartCAM features New Mill/Turn Sub-Spindle and B-axis Support, Morph Pattern Roughing.