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Published: 2/25/2020

CAM-Tool Software Supports Simultaneous Five-Axis Machining
CAM-Tool software, available from CGS North America, features an improved simultaneous five-axis conversion function.

Published: 2/18/2020

Open Mind's HyperMill 2020.1 Provides Improved Five-Axis Strategies
Open Mind Technologies has introduced HyperMill 2020.1, featuring enhancements to 3D and 5-Axis Machining for complex part manufacturing.

Published: 1/15/2020

CAMWorks 2020 Provides SolidWorks Support
HCL Technologies has developed CAMWorks 2020 with enhancements designed to assist machine shops in advancing their Smart Manufacturing practices.

Published: 12/17/2019

NCG CAM v17.0 Updates UI with Ribbon Design
NCG CAM v17 features an updated user interface whose ribbon design organizes the program into a series of tabs at the top of a window.

Published: 12/6/2019

TDM System's Global Line 2019 Aims to Meet Shops' Software Needs
TDM Shopfloor Manager enables comprehensive workflow management, incorporating booking functions and interfaces for crib systems, presetting devices and machines as well as for high-level systems such as MES, FMS and ERP.

Published: 11/7/2019

Mastercam 2020 Lathe Improves Usability and Tooling Options
Mastercam 2020 Lathe is designed to accept and program any CAD file to Dynamic Motion roughing and precise finishing.

Published: 10/23/2019

NUM Flexium Office Enables Offline ISO Part Program Simulation
NUM’s Flexium Office software framework enables users of CNC machine tools to generate and test ISO part programs offline with NUM human-machine interfaces (HMIs).

Published: 10/23/2019

IMS Software's IMSce Software Simulates, Verifies G Code in Siemens NX
IMSce for Siemens NX provides G-code parsing and CNC controller emulation.

Published: 10/9/2019

CAMWorks ShopFloor Unifies CAD/CAM Part Data to Avoid Errors
CAMWorks ShopFloor provides tools for companies to adopt so-called smart manufacturing and Industry 4.0 initiatives by moving beyond 2D drawings or static digital files.

Published: 10/9/2019

ANCA's ToolRoom RN34 Software Eases Design of Complex Helical Tools
ToolRoom RN34 is the latest generation of ANCA’s software package designed for making cutting tools.