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Published: 10/4/2017

Cleaners, Corrosion Preventatives Increase Process Flow
Milacron has added four cleaners to its Cimclean product line, as well as four new Cimguard corrosion preventatives.

Published: 9/21/2017

Detergent Dissolves Additive Support Material Quickly, Cleanly
The liquid detergent removes delicate support material from pieces that use 706 material.

Published: 9/18/2017

Back Blow Air Nozzle Cleans Small Internal Diameters
Exair’s model 1004SS M4 NPT, back blow air nozzle delivers a very small, effective airflow for blowing debris and liquids from the internal diameters of small pipes or hoses, and other internal part features.

Published: 9/5/2017

Composite Metal Parts Washing Boxes Available
Molded Fiber Glass (MFG) Tray Co. offers a line of versatile, high-strength fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composite metal parts washing boxes.

Published: 3/31/2017

Modular, Versatile Aqueous Parts Cleaner
Designed for rough and fine cleaning tasks a like, Dürr Ecoclean’s EcoCWave is a modular aqueous cleaning system designed to work with alkaline, neutral or acidic media.

Published: 10/31/2016

Air Gun Removes Dust, Static Electricity from Parts
Exair’s new Ion air gun removes static electricity, contaminants and dust from parts prior to labeling, assembly, packaging, painting or finishing.

Published: 10/28/2016

Ultrasonic Cleaner Handles Large, Heavy Parts with Pneumatic Lift
Omegasonics, a manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning systems, has introduced the PowerLift 4560, large-capacity ultrasonic cleaning system with 6,000 W of peak ultrasound.

Published: 10/25/2016

Part Washing, Deburring Systems Save on Water, Waste Costs
Sugino introduces its Zippel brand of industrial part washing and deburring systems.

Published: 10/4/2016

Acid Cleaning Solution Removes Soils on Metal for Paint Pretreatment
BCI Surface Technologies' acid cleaning chemistry successfully removes a variety of soils found on metal surfaces prior to applying a conversion or a paint-bonding pretreatment.

Published: 10/3/2016

Grinding, Sanding Booths Provide Dust Collection Configurations
Spray Tech/Junair offers a selection of industrial finishing booths and ovens.

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