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Published: 9/5/2017

Composites Tooling Enables Feed Rates as High as 400 ipm
Controx presents the Panel Cut line of tooling enabling feed rates as high as 400 ipm for high productivity and a clean surface finish.

Published: 5/10/2016

Dust Collector Dissipates Static Charges for Explosive Dusts
The HemiPleat FR Carbon dust collector filter from Camfil Air Pollution Control (APC) combines flame-retardant and conductive properties in a single filter designed to offer long service life and energy-efficient performance.

Published: 6/18/2010

Tooling for Composite Applications
Designed for efficient hole making in composite materials, the CoroDrill 854 and CoroDrill 856 have been developed to withstand demands from CFRP materials and aluminum stacks.

Published: 1/1/2010

Cutting Tools for Titanium, Aluminum and Composite Aerospace Components
 The company offers a range of Cyclo Cut cutting tools and Cyclo Cool metalworking fluids designed and blended for all aspects of aerospace machining.