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Published: 6/1/1999

A Realistic Definition Of Cycle Time
Many people determine cycle time by measuring cycle start to cycle start time. As the operator presses the cycle start button, he or she starts the stopwatch.

Published: 3/1/1999

Which Is Faster, G00 or G01?
Special thanks to Kyle A. Thornley, Technical Instructor at GE Fanuc Automation, for explaining the principles described in this article.

Published: 4/28/1998

Eliminating Calculations For Offset Entries
Almost every offset entry requires some kind of calculation to be made before the offset value can be entered. Say, for example, the target diameter for a turning tool is 3.

Published: 3/1/1998

Simplifying Documentation Methods
While most companies take setup documentation quite seriously, many do little in the way of program running documentation. This is documentation aimed at CNC operators to ensure they understand just how a cycle is to be run.

Published: 2/1/1998

Simplifying Operator Responsibilities - Dimensioning Methods
All companies expect quite a bit from their CNC operators. Minimum responsibilities commonly include workpiece load/unload, cycle activation, offset adjustments to hold size, inspections on completed workpieces, and reporting inspection results to ...

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