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Published: 3/15/2002

Networked Machine Shop Learns The Value Of Proper Grounding
In business for more than 22 years, McAfee Tool&Die Inc., uses conventional machine tools, stamping presses and injection molding machines, as well as more than a dozen computer numerical control (CNC) machine tools, including three 3-axis machi...

Published: 2/1/2002

Racing Team Shifts Into Reverse Engineering
When the Joe Gibbs Racing team went shopping for a reverse engineering system five years ago, it looked at a variety of technologies. But the team decided to put this on-machine scanning system in the driver's seat of its reverse engineering program...

Published: 2/1/2002

Control Helps Museum Fill In The Gaps
Today, with Hollywood leading the way in the precise, high tech creation of real and imaginary forms, anything seems possible, such as bionic people, dinosaurs or extra-terrestrial beings. But the final machining of the prototypes, molds and net sha...

Published: 12/15/2001

Control Keeps Press Manufacturer Competitive
The Web Press Division of KBA North America Inc. (York, Pennsylvania), a builder of high speed presses for newspaper printing, recently investigated its need for improved control in the production of parts used in its equipment construction.

Published: 6/1/2001

Tool Management System Complements DNC
It quickly became apparent to this company that handling the many tools - knowing where the tools were and how many were available - was the horse, and the DNC system was the cart.

Published: 5/15/2001

Controller Helps Meet Demand For Foreign Oil
The cutting of thousands of slots in extensive lengths of pipe requires large-scale machining, and the demand for such pipe is steadily increasing as Middle East oil sources become less dependable. Controls on these machines are crucial.

Published: 2/15/2001

Company Views A Paperless Future
In spite of high precision machinery employed in this plant, engineers were forced to carry program updates on floppy disks to each individual operator. This meant inefficiencies, duplicated effort and production lags, especially when they added 15 ...

Published: 2/15/2001

Linear Motors Shorten Production Time
Linear motors account for part of the reason why DaimlerChrysler's Stuttgart, Germany, manufacturing facility has been able to nearly double the productivity of machining centers producing automotive cylinder heads.

Published: 1/15/2001

California Specialty Parts Machinist Has No Room For Error
Much of the current equipment at this plant is German and Swiss machinery, including two Deckel mills (FP4 and FP3), a Bridgeport mill and Schaublin (10-inch) and HES (20-inch) lathes, among other various saws. In order to keep the parts as accurate...

Published: 11/15/2000

From Manual To CNC Mills: A Three-Phase Transition
V & G Dynamic Machine & Tool, Inc. of Marble Falls, Texas, uses high-end VMCs and CNC mills and employs skilled machinists and CNC operators to support the development of new instrumentation and technology for the semiconductor industry.

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