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Published: 2/1/2018

Digital Manufacturing Hinges on Connecting the Machine Tool
The promise of digitally integrated manufacturing is using data to improve processes. Connecting machines is the key.

Published: 1/1/2018

The Difference between MTConnect and OPC UA
While OPC UA and MTConnect are both http-based protocols, there are differences between them, and each is best used in differing scenarios.

Published: 12/1/2017

The Move to Data-Driven Manufacturing Is a Positive Transformation
It will not be easy, but the transformation will be manageable and rewarding. The first step is machine monitoring.

Published: 11/1/2017

Data-Driven Manufacturing Is The First Order of Business
Companies need to do the right things to prepare for the future. Having the right names for that future state is less important.

Published: 11/1/2017

What Is an IIoT Platform?
The foundation of data-driven manufacturing is an IIoT platform: the hardware and software package that connects devices and equipment and enables management of data flows and applications.

Published: 10/6/2017

The DMDII Is a Showcase for Digital Manufacturing
A tour of Siemens’ Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute in Chicago revealed the potential scope of the “digital enterprise” concept. 

Published: 10/2/2017

Lean and Data-Driven Manufacturing Go Hand in Hand
Lean manufacturing is a never-ending quest to remove waste from processes. This pursuit should put a shop on the path to data-driven manufacturing.

Published: 9/1/2017

CNC Software Is the Sensor
Recent developments in CNC technology enable the use of add-on software for monitoring cutting conditions in the machine tool.

Published: 8/1/2017

Machine Shops: Own Your Industrial Revolution
It’s time to launch a new industrial revolution in your own shop or plant. Call it [Your Shop Name Here] 4.0.

Published: 7/3/2017

Analyzing Sound Boosts Machine Monitoring
A new generation of sound analysis software detects, amplifies and records machine tool noises that can be analyzed for preventive and predictive maintenance.