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Published: 9/22/2019

EcoCvelox Combines Waterjet Deburring and Low-Pressure Cleaning
The process-dependent configurable and expandable machine with integrated linear transport system enables processing of parts with dimensions up to 200- x 200- x 200-mm cycle times of only 15 seconds per palette in the so-called one-piece flow.

Published: 5/7/2019

ATI Offers Deburring Blade Suitable for Automation
The pneumatically controlled, articulated design of ATI Industrial Automation’s Compliant Deburring Blade (CDB) enables users to tune the contact force to accommodate specific applications by changing the air pressure.

Published: 1/28/2019

Carbide Burrs Make Smaller, Granular Chip Breaks
Designed for surface removal on demanding production runs, Saint-Gobain Abrasives’ line of Norton double-cut carbide burrs is said to last longer with fewer change-overs on challenging production applications.

Published: 1/20/2019

Metal Finishing Products Offer Customization
PMTS 2019: Brush Research Manufacturing’s line of metal finishing products include the Flex-Hone tool, Nampower abrasive nylon disc brushes and miniature nylon brushes.

Published: 7/20/2018

Tool Speeds Cross-Bore Deburring
IMTS 2018: Heule Tool’s COFA deburring tool is designed to provide front and back deburring on even and uneven surfaces.

Published: 3/22/2018

Micro Burraway Tools Deburr Both Sides of Holes
Cogsdill’s Micro Burraway series of micro deburring tools will deburr both sides of holes, handling the increasing demand for deburring smaller and smaller hole. 

Published: 1/3/2018

X-Bore Series is Used for Automated Deburring of Cross Bores
Heule’s X-Bore series has four chip making tool versions for the automated precision deburring of cross bores: the COFA, COFA-X, the SNAP-X main bore tool and the cross bore deburring tool.   

Published: 12/20/2017

Tooling Removes Burrs from Cross Holes
Heule Tool introduces its COFA-X tooling, said to be the first tooling system for removing burrs consistently from interior uneven bore edges with large intersections

Published: 10/30/2017

Deburring Tools Come in Four Application-Specific Versions
Heule Tool’s X-Bore tooling for the automated deburring of cross bores is available in four chipmaking tool versions to address four different challenges of deburring: Cofa, Cofa-X, Main Bore Tool and Cross Bore Deburring Tool.

Published: 9/22/2017

Rotary Vibrator Suitable for Orthopedic Implant Finishing
Rosler’s R 150 DL-2 rotary vibrator is designed to avoid part-on-part contact for processing orthopedic implants, achieved by mounting workpieces to a fixture inside of the work bowl.