Carbide Burrs For Every Need

Monster Tool Co. ’s range of carbide burrs include a variety of carbide burr sets, all of which are CNC machined.


What is the Best Process for Micro-Deburring?

Various techniques address the challenge of getting a clean machined feature at microscopic scales.


Carbide Deburring Tools For Small Holes

The E-Z Burr Tool Company’s series of Small Hole carbide deburring tools can deburr hole diameters as small as 0. 125" in exotic and hard-to-machine materials.


Expanded Line Of Miniature Deburring Brushes

According to the company, miniature deburring brushes can automate the removal of burrs and the production of an edge radius on small-dameter holes, saving time and money while improving product quality and consistency. Filament choices include carbon steel, stainless steel, brass, nylon and natural to provide the optimum finish on a variety of base materials. The miniature deburring brushes are available in a diamond-abrasive-filled nylon filament.


Smooth Deburring Of Composites

The new range of Tuff Core deburring cutters from LMT Onsrud is designed to cut smooth, straight and burr-free edges in composite materials such as the carbon-reinforced plastics (CFK) used in the aircraft and automobile industries. Two different carbide substrates protect the tools against the abrasive character of composite materials. The tool core’s higher cobalt content is said to guarantee precision, even when faced with demanding tension conditions in the material.


Bryco Before and After

Within a two-month period, this Chicago-area contract shop reorganized the shopfloor, implemented new procedures and eliminated employee toolboxes. Here are the benefits the shop has seen.
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Machining Center Tool Eliminates Camshaft Burrs

A special tool performs burr removal inside the part where holes intersect.


Single System Offers Multiple Finishing Processes For Small Parts

An electrochemical finishing technology geared toward small workpieces cleans, deburrs, passivates, polishes and stress relieves workpieces all at once.