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Published: 11/19/2013

Machining Center Extends Y-Axis Travel
Designed to meet the demands of moldmaking applications, Hurco’s VMX6030i vertical machining center provides more Y-axis travel in a footprint smaller than the company’s VMX64.

Published: 10/8/2009

Five-Axis Jig Borer For Die, Mold Manufacturing
Designed for high-precision die and mold machining, Yasda’s YBM-Vi40 five-axis jig borer is said to reduce machining time of complicated shapes in extremely hard materials. The jig borer can tilt the workpiece to reduce cutter length requirements, ...

Published: 9/29/2009

Milling Tool Line Features New Insert Size
Iscar’s Helido Upfeed line of high-feed milling tools now includes the H600 WXCU 0403 insert, which is designed for 16- and 20-mm-diameter tools. (The complete milling tool line features diameters ranging from 0.

Published: 9/29/2009

Shrink-Fit Covers Carbide, Steel, HSS Shanks
Kennametal offers a shrink-fit toolholding system for machining centers and multi-tasking machines. The program is split in two lines: general purpose (GP) and high torque (HT).

Published: 8/21/2009

Multi-Application Face Mill Features Three Insert Styles
Valenite’s V490 multi-application face mill is available with square, round or octagon inserts for general-purpose machining operations. With the ability to consolidate multiple applications with one face mill and three insert styles, the mill is a...

Published: 8/11/2009

High-Torque Milling Center Machines Tough Materials
The Tarkus horizontal/vertical milling center manufactured by Jobs S. p.

Published: 7/23/2009

Button-Style Mill For Heavy Roughing Operations
Valenite LLC introduces the V200, a heavy-duty, button-style mill for facing and profiling. The tool utilizes VP2003 round inserts with MicroForm carbide-grade technology, which enables inserts to be direct-pressed with a micrograin structure.

Published: 7/23/2009

Inserts Cut Stainless And Super Alloys
SGE inserts for Kennametal’s Mill 1-14/18 platform are said to improve performance for companies machining stainless steels, super alloys and high-strength steels. Micro-geometry features, such as a 20-degree rake angle, a negative T-land and a sma...

Published: 6/3/2009

Drills For The Die/Mold Industry
M. A.

Published: 12/2/2008

Milling Cutter For Increased Chip Evacuation
The Z-Plunge milling cutter from Kennametal is suited for aerospace, die and mold and general engineering applications. The cutter is designed to increase chip evacuation and productivity. Four cutting edges per insert offer good economy, the comp...