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Published: 6/25/2004

EDM Drill Solves Oil Passage Problem
This manufacturer was having a problem machining a 0.025-inch diameter oil feed hole at an angle in a hardened steel component called the Bronson Roller. The 30-degree angle of entry and the hardened condition of the roller body made it a difficult ...

Published: 4/27/2004

EDM Fits Form Toolmaker To A "T"
When recession hits in the form tool industry, 'You’ve got to get busy living, or get busy dying,' as a character in the movie The Shawshank Redemption puts it. The need for flexibility and quick reaction times to meet customer demands...

Published: 6/1/2001

Machining Center Expands EDM Business
As a supplier to leading parts manufacturers in such varied industries as appliances and automobiles, this shop was only initially handling the intricate and complex work on parts with its EDM machines. Outside companies would machine the base parts...

Published: 2/15/2000

High-Precision Mold Shop Cuts EDM Machining Time By 40 Percent
Finally tiring of the tedious cutting times, marginal finishes and excessive secondary operations coupled with automatic wire feeder problems, this mold shop owner sought-and found-an alternative.

Published: 8/15/1999

Unattended, Short-Run Production Work Spurs EDM Shop's Growth, Productivity
The move into shortrun production projects is changing Advanced Machining's product mix, and Bobby Miller, Advanced's other co-owner, says it's good to be making this transition. The shop continues to receive custom, oneofakind jobs, but it's also g...

Published: 7/15/1999

New Wire EDM System Enhances Mold Maker's Capabilities
When Osley and Whitney, Inc. (Westfield, Massachusetts) decided to upgrade its wire EDM (electrical discharge machining) capabilities, the company had several problems it wanted to solve. Osley and Whitney, a 48-year-old plastic injection moldbuildi...

Published: 2/15/1999

Wire, Ram And Small Hole Driller Help Build Specialty Injection Molds
The ram EDM runs unattended day and night, allowing the operators to perform other tasks. The ram has cut graphite costs nearly 50 percent, requiring fewer electrodes than its older equipment.

Published: 3/15/1998

Arizona Manufacturer Finds Night And Weekends No Problem For Automated EDM
A Mitsubishi VX10 working in conjunction with a System 3R Workman Robot routinely operates unattended from Friday afternoon until Monday morning for this Arizona manufacturer.

Published: 2/1/1998

Mold Shop Eases Into 3D Machining
Converting a shop from a 2D to a 3D machining environment is always a major undertaking, but the right equipment can make the transition easier.

Published: 2/1/1998

From Wire To Ram EDM With Success
Find out here how this Windsor, Ontario, job shop made a big move to ram EDM successfully.