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Published: 6/24/2020

ECI's Order Snapshot Automates Order Status Updates for Small, Medium-Size Businesses
ECI Software Solutions offers Order Snapshot to its M1 enterprise resource planning (ERP) users.

Published: 6/22/2020

KeyedIn Manufacturing ERP Software Enables Job Shops To Adapt to Rising Order Volume
KeyedIn Manufacturing (KIM) 6.0, is designed to enable machine shops and captive job shops to fulfill orders more quickly with lower production costs and improved profit margins.

Published: 7/30/2019

FactoryWiz Monitoring's Productivity Manager Improves Data Analysis
FactoryWiz Monitoring v19 features Productivity Manager, standard reports, standard dashboards, a widget-driven tablet, user manual and native machine connections.

Published: 7/18/2019

Zoller Smart Factory Solutions Promotes Consistent, Accurate Data Usage
Westec 2019: Zoller Smart Factory Solutions connects production process steps for efficiency, less scrap and to secure data transfer across facilities.

Published: 6/17/2019

Cloud-Ready Siemens Opcenter Aids Production Efficiency
Siemens Opcenter is a cohesive portfolio of software solutions for manufacturing operations management (MOM).

Published: 6/17/2019

MDT Offers Latest Version of its Source Code Control Software
AutoSave version 7.0 features innovative tools, including a portal, enabling users to view all activity in the plant through a web interface.

Published: 5/29/2019

Dynamic Systems Application Enables Real-Time Inventory Access
Dynamic Systems’ Advanced Checkmate mobile application uses barcodes to manage inventory and upload the information to any accounting system.

Published: 5/13/2019

Hexagon's WorkPlan 2020 Combines ERP and MES Features
The latest release of WorkPlan, from the Production Software business of Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence, combines ERP and MES in a single database.

Published: 5/6/2019

TDM Systems' Tool Data Management Software Now Offers Version 2
The new TDM Shopfloor Manager gives users the complete overview about their tools in all machining processes.

Published: 4/15/2019

ShopFloorConnect Data Collection Reduces Machine Downtime
Eastec 2019: Wintriss Controls Group’s ShopFloorConnect 6.0 shop floor data collection software gathers production data from machines in the factory, displays the key performance indicators in real-time, and produces detailed analyti...