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Published: 8/31/2015

Dimension-Over-Ball Gage Measures Spurs, Helical Gears, Splines
United Tool Supply’s Unite-A-Matic gage checks dimension over ball (DOB), dimension over pin (DOP), and major/minor diameter of spurs, helical gears and splines.

Published: 8/28/2015

Cylindrical Grinder Reaches Tight Tolerances
The Junker Group will display Zema’s Numerika G-800 gear grinder, which performs precision grinding of gear shafts.

Published: 8/27/2015

Smaller Shaping Head Increases Stroke Length
Designed for its Platform 2 (LSE/LFS 200 to 500) and Platform 3 (LSE/LSF 600 to 1600) machines, Liebherr Gear Technology will display a smaller shaping head option which eases electronically-controlled machining of spur and helical gear teeth.

Published: 8/26/2015

Retrofitting Service Updates, Remanufactures Gear Machines
Excel Gear will display a retrofit machine from its newly formed Excel CNC Retrofit division, which upgrades or remanufactures older gear machines to meet higher performance standards.

Published: 8/25/2015

Lathe Plus Software Produces Various Gear Types
DMG MORI will demonstrate its gear milling portfolio with a focus on its GearMill software and multitasking machines.

Published: 8/24/2015

Profile Grinding Machine Grinds External, Internal Gears
Kapp Niles will display its ZE 800 profile gear grinder.

Published: 8/14/2015

Drivetrain Production Software Includes Flexible Report Generation
Smart Manufacturing Technology (SMT) offers version 6 of its Masta software suite for drivetrain design, analysis, manufacture and simulation.

Published: 8/10/2015

Grinding Oil for Gear Hobbing, Grinding, Shaping
Oelheld’s DiaGrind 535-15 multifunctional grinding oil can be used during gear hobbing, grinding or shaping applications on a variety of machines.

Published: 8/7/2015

Dry-Cut Hobber Cuts Idle Times with Increased Efficiency
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ GE10A dry-cut hobbing machine is designed for mass production of small-diameter gears of the kind used in automotive transmission systems.

Published: 8/5/2015

Gear Inspection Compensates for Shopfloor Disturbances
The Gleason 300GMSP analytical gear inspection system is designed to operate in production environments while maintaining reliable measurement results.