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Published: 2/15/2019

Buying a Grinder: Applications for Grinding Machines
How are grinding machines used in aerospace, medical, die/mold and other industries? Here is a rundown of some common applications. 

Published: 1/30/2019

Buying a Grinder: The Abrasive Process
The prospective buyer of a new grinding machine should be aware of the ins and outs of the abrasive process, how abrasive bonds work and the various forms of wheel dressing. 

Published: 1/7/2019

Buying a Grinder: The Appeal and Construction of a Grinding Machine
The first step to buying a new grinding machine is understanding how it works. Learn more about the makeup of grinding machines, including multi-spindle machines. 

Published: 10/24/2018

How to Calculate Wheel Life in a Creep-Feed Grinding Process
For non-continuous-dress creep-feed grinding, the calculation is straightforward. For continuous dressing, the calculation has more steps, but in either case, it is possible to manage the cost of grinding by predicting the life of the wheel.

Published: 8/13/2018

Manufacturing News of Note: August 2018
Shop tours during IMTS, a pre-show tool grinding contest and other industry news. 

Published: 8/9/2018

Surface Grinder Improves Machine Tool Components
Moore Tool replaced its dated surface grinder with a new model from Okamoto, which included features and options that have helped the company improve accuracies and surface finishes on components of its jig grinders and diamond-turning equipment.

Published: 7/26/2018

July 2018 Product Spotlight: Grinding
This month’s Modern Equipment Review Spotlight focuses on various grinding machines and equipment for all sorts of applications. 

Published: 6/12/2018

MMS Looks Back: 1940s - How They Rolled During World War II
What has changed in roller bearing manufacturing? The Timken Company and Modern Machine Shop reunite to explore the topic we covered 75 years ago. This story is part of our 90th anniversary series.

Published: 5/24/2018

Grinding Cell Automates, Consolidates Surgical Shaver Machining
Pre- and post-grind inspection stations and the right centerless machine enable this robot-tended medical manufacturing process to correct itself. 

Published: 4/9/2018

Centerless Sets the Tone for Shop-to-Stage Success
Grinding three shaft diameters at once eliminates runout and helps reintroduce a ‘70s-era guitar effects unit that mimics the action of a violin bow.

Precision rotary solutions for grinding, lapping and polishing of hard metals, ceramics, silicon carbide, etc.