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Taking Titanium Seriously
Does titanium justify a machine that is engineered for this metal?

Workholding That Works for Jesel
The maker of racing engine components produces parts that have many permutations within each product line. Here is how Jesel sets up work for cost-effective, responsive machining.

Valve Production Machine with 20-inch Turning Capability
Mazak offers its Orbitec 20 for manufacturers of valves and similar large components.

Video: Getting the Most Out of Your Standard Spindle
High spindle speed is not needed for high productivity, particularly with the right choice of cutting tool types. Techniques described in this tutorial video relate to plunge roughing, high feed milling and slotting.

Video: Getting the Most Out of Your High Speed Spindle
Here is an introduction to machining center spindles designed for high speeds, with practical tips for using these high speed spindles effectively.

Video: Grouping HMCs For Greater Efficiency
VIDEO. In a lean machining facility, grouping horizontal machining centers close together allows a small number of operators to use the machines efficiently.

Video: Horizontal Profiler For Aerospace Machining
An alternative to the typical profiler design, this machine saves labor by allowing chips to fall out of the way.

Video: 56-Percent Productivity Increase By Reducing Chatter
The video compares a milling pass that chatters to one that is stable. Because the stable speed permits greater depth of cut, productivity increases.

Video: Helical Interpolation Vs. Drilling
A machining center able to maintain precise control at high feed rates makes it practical to machine holes through helical milling as an alternative to drilling.

Through-Spindle Dust Collection For Composites And Graphite
A vacuum system for the machining center draws particulate through the center of the tool.