Breaking The Electrode Bottleneck

This company uses high speed machining to slash the time it takes to make graphite electrodes for EDMing of molds and dies. From days to hours. Sounds like a simple, straight-forward formula for cutting costs and lead times, doesn't it?

High Speed Machining Of Dies And Molds

These tips from an experienced pro will help shops take some of the mystery out of the process of high speed machining.

Superprecision High Speed Spindle Bearings Improve Machining Productivity

Equipment manufacturers are offering a new series of high speed Fafnir brand ceramic and steel bearings specifically to achieve the level of performance required in this manufacturing environment. This high speed bearing design is offered with either steel or ceramic balls.

Cutting Tools

Tool Considerations for High Speed Cutting

Fast CNC processing and high-pressure coolant contribute to removing metal at dramatic rates. But what should a shop know about cutting tools in high speed machining?