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Video: The Role of Heat in High Speed Machining
In high speed machining of die/mold steels, the heat has a more beneficial effect than the role it plays in conventional cuts.

Video: Balancing Tools And Toolholders
This video provides both the argument and methodology for performing offline balancing of tool/toolholder assemblies for high speed machining centers.

Video: Faster Micro-Finishes for Micromachining
 Smooth finish comes from balanced cutting parameters, as this video explains.

Video: Linear Motor Micromachining Center
Video shows the smooth, quiet, rapid motion characteristic of effective micromilling.

Video: Five-Axis Milling On Linear-Motor Machining Center
Linear motors take the place of ballscrews on this machine performing high speed cutting of aluminum at a job shop near Atlanta.

Video: 56-Percent Productivity Increase By Reducing Chatter
The video compares a milling pass that chatters to one that is stable. Because the stable speed permits greater depth of cut, productivity increases.

Video: Basics of Thin Wall Machining
To mill thin walls in aluminum using fast light cuts, machine on alternating sides of the wall all the way down, jumping the wall with each new pass.

Video: Trochoidal Milling
This approach to rough milling replaces straight lines with “curlicue” moves of constant radius.

Video: Micromilling With a Long Tool
This video clip illustrates micromilling at a high tool L:D ratio.

Video: Helical Interpolation Vs. Drilling
A machining center able to maintain precise control at high feed rates makes it practical to machine holes through helical milling as an alternative to drilling.