IMTS 2020

Waldmann's Linura-Edge Lighting Displays Machine, Process Status

IMTS Spark: Waldmann Lighting’s Linura-Edge is designed specifically to work inside or outside machines with less volatile environmental conditions (IP54).

Vollmer's VGrind 340S Grinds, Resharpens Very Small Carbide Tools

IMTS Spark: Vollmer’s VGrind 340S grinding machine is designed for producing and resharpening small, rotationally symmetrical carbide tools.

Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle Enables Longer Unattended 3D Printing

The Ultimaker S5 Pro Bundle 3D printer includes a material station and air manager for automated material handling, optimized air filtration and filament humidity control.

TST Tooling Software Technology Offers ERP Software for Moldmakers

IMTS Spark: TSTracker is an enterprise and resource planning software designed to streamline shopfloor processes and enable job tracking.


Techniks' Triton Hydraulic Chucks Provide Increased Toolholding Power

IMTS Spark: Techniks has expanded its line of hydraulic tool holders with the Triton line of hydraulic chucks.


Takumi H10 Double-Column Machining Center Features 15,000-rpm Spindle

IMTS Spark: The Takumi H10 double-column machining center features a 15,000-rpm inline spindle with a Big Plus Cat 40 taper.


Sensofar Metrology S Wide Optical Gage Performs One-Shot Height Measurement

IMTS Spark: Sensofar Metrology’s S Wide non-contact 3D optical gage is designed for micro-scale measurement of large areas with advanced inspection and analysis capabilities.

Rocklin's FlyMarker Mini 85-45 Plus Offers Large Marking Area

IMTS Spark: Rocklin’s handheld FlyMarker Mini 85/45 Plus dot peen marker builds on the strengths of previous models with its large marking area and deep marking power.


Polytec's Micro-View 3D Profilers Measure Surfaces of Various Materials

IMTS Spark: Polytec has added the Micro-View and Micro-View+ to its TopMap family of 3D optical profilers, designed to measure roughness, texture, waviness, step heights and other surface parameters.

Oil & Gas

Oelheld's SintoGrind HHS-X 1400 Oil Benefits HSS Grinding

IMTS Spark: Oelheld’s SintoGrind HSS-X 1400 grinding fluid is said to fill a gap in the market for high-performance fluids for high speed steel (HSS) applications.
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